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Shortstop Rankings Week in Review

We finished up Shortstop week here at Fake Teams, and here is a summary of all of our shortstop content. We hope you enjoyed our coverage.

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The fantasy baseball writers just finished up our week long look at the shortstop position for 2016, where we offered our state of the position, our Top 30 consensus shortstop rankings, tiered rankings, and rankings for those of you who play in NL or AL-only leagues. Jason Hunt also ranked his Top 20 shortstop prospects for 2016. In addition, we took a closer look at some shortstops at the major league and minor league level that could impact fantasy rosters in 2016. We published some draft strategy pieces for those of you who play in daily fantasy leagues or leagues that are quite different from the standard mixed leagues. Finally, the fantasy baseball writers advised you about which shortstops to target and which ones to avoid in your 2016 drafts.

Below you will find links to all of our Shortstop week coverage:

State of the Position



Top 15 Shortstops for 2016

Top 16-30 Shortstops for 2016

Tiered Top 30 Shortstop Rankings for 2016

Top 20 AL-only Shortstop Rankings

Top 20 NL-only Shortstop Rankings

Prospect Rankings

Top 20 Shortstop Prospects for 2016

Shortstops to Target and Avoid in 2016

Shortstops to Target

Shortstops to Avoid

MLB Player Profiles

Corey Seager: The next Troy Tulowitzki?

Has Troy Tulowitzki entered a steep decline?

The always under-appreciated Jhonny Peralta

Carlos Correa: 5x5 projection for 2016

Xander Bogaerts: The second Manny Machado?

Jung-ho Kang's total lack of precedent

Francisco Lindor: Better than Carlos Correa?

MiLB Player Profiles

What is Dansby Swanson's Fantasy Value

Orlando Arcia time is near

Could J.P. Crawford be a top fantasy shortstop?

Draft Strategy

Shifting value for different categories: Shortstop

Looking for advantages at shortstop in daily fantasy baseball leagues

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