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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for February 26th

1 deal at every position...

The Doug McDermott breakout is real...
The Doug McDermott breakout is real...
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

I remember that day I realized I no longer had to buy the cheapest item available.

The world became filled with so much more.

Why go with boring, athletic white socks - when there were so many woollier, more colorful options?

Boxer briefs every day of the week? Hell yes!

Today is another such milestone in the economical life of the Bobman.

While I have truly enjoyed finding you the cheapest options available (with the highest requisite upside), I'm tired of rallying behind players I barely believe in.

I'm still looking at economics, but I'm gonna recommend slightly higher-priced options that I believe are in a better inherent position to succeed.

So smash that piggy bank with a hammer, and let's win DFS tonight...

Cory Joseph, TOR, PG ($4300)

He's been pretty solid all year, and last game was no exception: 18 points, 6/8 FG, 2 REB, 6 AST. Those numbers are a little outside Cory's usual targets, but certainly never outside his potential. Joseph's biggest problem is that he backs up one of the NBA's best PGs Kyle Lowry. Minutes/usage are the only thing stopping Cory Joseph from becoming a star in this league. Still, for $4300, you can likely have the best backup PG stats in the league tonight. Not a bad consolation prize...

E'Twaun Moore, CHI, SG ($4600)

I'm not above admitting that I am developing somewhat of a man crush on Moore. With Chicago's wobbly lineup, E'Twaun has become one of the more reliable options in their rotation. He's dropped 17 and 24 points the last 2 games respectively, and can really fill counting stats across the board when he's right. He's a tad volatile, but currently playing the best basketball of his entire career. The time is now to spend the $4600 here...

Doug McDermott, CHI, SF ($3900)

Another injury-dependent selection, McDermott is in the midst of breaking out. This highly regarded 2014 pick is starting to realize that sophomore potential. His last 3 games: 14 points, 16 points, 30 points. The counting stats are almost non-existent, but the percentages are excellent - and he always piles in the 3PMs. He could be the league's next Kyle Korver, and I don't say that lightly. For 3900 measly dollars, he's a no-brainer.

Willie Cauley-Stein, SAC, PF ($4400)

The biggest problem with Cauley-Stein is that he plays for a terrible team. This fact is significant because terrible teams make terrible decisions. And Willie's development curve is lacking... With that said, the kid has basically been averaging 10 & 5 the last 2 weeks - while only playing 20 MPG. There is breakout potential here, but he is my riskiest pick of the day. 10 & 5 won't kill you, but you probably can't win the day with that. Only for the risk-takers...

Nikola Jokic, DEN, C ($5800)

This pick is a direct reaction to the terrible, low end C options. I'm tired of recommending terrible players because they're cheap. Look: $5800 isn't bargain basement, but it's not bad. Jokic is becoming a star. He hasn't averaged less than 11 rebounds in a game the last 3 games, and 3 games ago, he went 23 & 13 with 4 assists and 2 steals. This rookie is going to be a Fantasy Basketball stud for the next decade, and as good as he's been, he's going to get EVEN BETTER. He's white hot right now - and I highly recommend him. Young beasts like this are worth the money. Remember: he is capable of MORE.

So that's 5 guys I'm willing to spend money on tonight.

It's very simple: On Valentine's Day, you can choose to shell out the dough for a fancy, French restaurant.

Or you could go with Mickey Ds.

Not hating on those McNuggets, but you'll be single by the end of the night.

Just saying.