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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for February 19th...

1 deal at every position...

Zach LaVine: Dunk Contest legend.
Zach LaVine: Dunk Contest legend.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not gonna lie: It was nice to have a break.

Hopefully you got a chance to watch Aaron Gordon vs Zach LaVine. Perhaps the best dunk contest rivalry of all time... It was so good, I had to give LaVine some love (see below).

So welcome back, DFSers.

Let's get started...

1. Jose Calderon, NY, PG ($4300)

His Knick days may be numbered, but this inconsistent option still has gas left in the tank. He's a reliable option for assists, but the counting stats fluctuate wildly from game to game. Still, 3 games ago, Jose dropped 18 with 3 3PM, 8 REB, 5 AST and a steal. He's far from a guarantee, but he's a cheap option with quality upside.

2. Zach LaVine, MIN, SG ($4900)

LaVine gets repped here because he was so good in the Dunk Contest. (If you haven't watched all the Gordon vs LaVine jams, stop reading this article and do that.) He's more than just a dunker though. He's had a pretty good season on the T-Wolves, He's a consistent, double-digit scorer on Minnesota - but his counting stats/percentages do vary from game to game. I'm dreaming on a confidence boost from his 2-time Dunk Contest win, and thinking he's gonna get more usage on the suddenly stacked Wolves...

3. Justise Winslow, MIA, SF ($4000)

With Chris Bosh out, Winslow is supposed to get more usage. This could bode well tonight. Justise is spotty, but flirts with triple doubles on a constant basis. With no Bosh, the triple dub could be in play. He's not a lock, but there is upside here. This rookie has breakout potential, and the opportunity is presenting itself... I'm behind him tonight.

4. Mirza Teletovic, PHX, PF ($3800)

If he ends up being traded to Milwaukee, his value will come to a screeching halt. For now though, Mirza is a quality value pick. Averaging over 15 PPG his last 4 games, he's a good choice at the right time. His counting stats are modest, but he's been pretty consistent recently. You won't hit a home run here, but you could win the game with a double... For the money, it's as safe as it gets for this price point...

5. Steven Adams, OKC, C ($4300)

He's always a threat for a double double, but it rarely happens. I wanted to be honest. The C slot is thin in the lower ranks, but you gotta pick somebody... With Olynyk out for awhile, I'm moving over to Steven Adams as a steady-but-unspectacular selection. He's cheap, but worth the money. Won't likely break out, but 10 & 10 with 2 blocks is always on the table. That will play for ya - if it happens tonight. There's a chance though.

So that's 5 guys for bargain basement prices that should help your team tonight.

The 2nd half of the season should yield some surprises though, so keep tracking those box scores.

And watch those Gordon-LaVine highlights.

You'll be glad you did.

Make out with me.