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Kris Bryant 2016 5x5 projection

Kris Bryant hits ball far.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

At this point you know the deal, I'm breaking down their 5x5 value based purely off of their projections going into 2016, no fluff, all facts


Bryant was 5th in runs by a third baseman last year, despite having fewer at bats than anyone else in the top 9.  This year he's expected to not need seasoning to start the year, and should be on a totally level playing field with all other men at the hot corner.  I have him projected to score 92 runs this season, which would be 6th amongst third basemen, and tied for 28th overall in runs.  While this is a difficult category to project, he is in a lineup filled with good hitters, and he hits in the core of it.  He's also doing everything he can to drive himself in at least 30 times this year with the long ball.  In the end 3B is a strong position when it comes to run scorers, but Bryant is one of the strongest.

Home Runs

This is the bread and butter for Bryant.  He's the most physically imposing third baseman in baseball, and he actively tries to put as many balls in the air as possible.  This year he's projected to hit 31 home runs, which would make him the #3 most powerful third baseman behind Arenado and Donaldson, and have the 14th most homers in baseball.  This could end up being conservative as Wrigley Field is conducive to above average right handed home runs, and then Great American and Miller Park are even better.  Bryant could easily jump to 40 homers this season, if it all breaks right.  He has power to all fields, so this number really hinges on how much contact he can make in 2016.


The Cubs offense is stacked, and ready to put up a lot of runs this season, and Bryant is looking to be the leader of it along with Anthony Rizzo.  Here is their projected lineup from Rotochamp:

1)    Ben Zobrist

2)    Jason Heyward

3)    Anthony Rizzo

4)    Kris Bryant

5)    Kyle Schwarber

6)    Jorge Soler

7)    Miguel Montero

8)    Addison Russell

Before Bryant there are three players who are on base machines, and Bryant wants to do everything in his power to put as many balls in play as possible.  If Bryant can hit for a respectable average, and keep launching the occasional bomb, 100 RBI seems like a reasonable goal for him.


Bryant is a better runner than people give him credit for being.  Last year he stole 13 bases, and with a few extra games, he could easily match that.  I have him projected for 14, but I'm not sure if he's going to show up bigger this season and could potentially be a little slower or less inclined to run.  Regardless, he is capable of stealing, but he is not a burner.


With all of Bryant's talent, average is not his best skill.  Putting so many balls in the air is not conducive to high averages, but that doesn't make Bryant an average sink hole like some other power hitters.  If he could drop his strike out rate below 30% his average could jump with all the hard contact he makes.  He's projected to hit .273 this year, which would be a nice ribbon on the rest of the package he brings in standard formats.  Anything more and you could be seeing an MVP caliber season, but I wouldn't bet on him hitting over .280 in 2016.


The across the board production makes Bryant my third ranked third baseman and #14 overall player.  Bryant has MVP potential, and that makes him an incredibly valuable asset in fantasy.  If you want Bryant this year, you'll likely be forced to make him a cornerstone piece of your team with either a late first or early second.  In some leagues, with 10 games played in the outfield, he may be available as an outfielder as well.  Buy Bryant if you can this year, his price is so high and only climbing as draft season begins, and there appears to be no chance at getting him at a bargain anymore, regardless, he's worth it.