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Shifting Values for Different Categories: Second Base

You don't play in a standard 5x5 league? Great, let's look at some second basemen who may be ranked differently in your format.

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We provide fantasy analysis across a fairly broad spectrum of topics here at Fake Teams, but our rankings are built on the assumption of a standard 5x5 redraft league. So what about our readers who don't play in standard 5x5 leagues? Obviously those rankings don't fit in the same manner if your league plays different categories. So if you're looking for some first basemen who may be ranked differently in your league than the standard, you've come to the right place. All 2015 ranks are based on a 100 plate appearance minimum.


Up: Ben Zobrist - Zobrist posted the second-highest walk rate among second basemen last season at 11.6%, and was 7th in OBP at .359. He's about as consistent as it comes for OBP leagues, as he's posted similar rates in each of the last eight seasons. He's a top 8 option in this format.

Other Risers: Anthony Rendon, Jace Peterson

Down: Dee Gordon - Gordon's OBP is inflated heavily by how high his batting average ends up, and while it's possible he still ends up among the top at the position, he does drop down a notch based on the risk that his BABIP drops him closer to the .280 mark than the .320 mark.

Other Fallers: Jonathan Schoop, Starlin Catsro


Up: Brian Dozier - Since becoming a regular in 2013, Dozier has had at least 33 doubles and 18 home runs in each season. Batting average is the category that really drags his value down in 5x5 formats, but removing that from the equation puts him as the #2 option at the position behind Jose Altuve.

Other Risers: Rougned Odor, Jonathan Schoop

Down: D.J. LeMahieu - LeMahieu is the opposite side of the coin from Dozier, as he doesn't really hit for all that much power despite playing in Coors Field. With isolated power hovering right around .082 and his batting average providing a lot of his value, LeMahieu falls outside the top 20 and may not be a starter depending on your league size.

Other Fallers: Dee Gordon, Brock Holt


Up: Jason Kipnis - The Indians' second baseman finished second among full time starters last year with an .823 OPS, and with a consistently high walk rate (8.9% last year) and an approach that should lead to non-home run power, he should stay near the top.

Other Risers: Enrique Hernandez, Logan Forsythe

Down: Brett Lawrie - Lawrie is hurt mostly by his low walk rate, which has dropped each of the past two seasons and has kept him right around a .300 OBP. The move to Chicago should help his power numbers some, but we're going to need to see significant improvement in that OBP to move him into the top 15.

Other Fallers: Kolten Wong, Josh harrison

4x4 leagues

Up: Jonathan Schoop - Schoop scored just 34 runs last year in 86 games, and 15 of those runs came on home runs. The power potential in a full season could move him towards 25 home runs, and not needing to add runs could move him into the top 10 with that kind of production.

Other Risers: Jedd Gyorko, Rougned Odor

Down: Ian Kinsler - Kinsler is consistently among the league leaders in runs scored, and usually right around the 100 run mark. If he returns to the 15 HR/15 SB player we saw in 2014, that could offset some of the difference. However, if he does stick closer to the 10/10 range, he likely drops out of the top 10 at the position.

Other Fallers: Jason Kipnis, Kolten Wong