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Week 15 Wide Receiver Rankings - Standard Leagues

We are now fully in the fantasy playoffs. Every decision could be the one that makes or breaks you. Robert offers up his WR rankings for standard leagues to make sure you advance to the next round.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well if you are still looking at my rankings I am going to guess that you made it through the first week of the playoffs. It only gets tougher from here. Just remember to do exactly what you have been doing all year as this is not the time to start second guessing yourself. Hopefully my rankings are able to prevent you from doing so. So to keep this brief, let's just dive right into the rankings and then talk about a few of the players.

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Julio Jones Falcons 49ers
2 Odell Beckham Jr. Giants Lions
3 Antonio Brown Steelers Bengals
4 Mike Evans Buccaneers Cowboys
5 Jordy Nelson Packers Bears
6 Dez Bryant Cowboys Buccaneers
7 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals Saints
8 T.Y. Hilton Colts Vikings
9 Amari Cooper Raiders Chargers
10 Demaryius Thomas Broncos Patriots
11 A.J. Green Bengals Steelers
12 Emmanuel Sanders Broncos Patriots
13 Julian Edelman Patriots Broncos
14 Doug Baldwin Seahawks Rams
15 Tyrell Williams Chargers Raiders
16 Michael Crabtree Raiders Chargers
17 Davante Adams Packers Bears
18 Brandin Cooks Saints Cardinals
19 Stefon Diggs Vikings Colts
20 Alshon Jeffery Bears Packers
21 Jamison Crowder Redskins Panthers
22 Sammy Watkins Bills Browns
23 Tyreek Hill Chiefs Titans
24 DeSean Jackson Redskins Panthers
25 Golden Tate Lions Giants
26 Jordan Matthews Eagles Ravens
27 Jarvis Landry Dolphins Jets
28 Rishard Matthews Titans Chiefs
29 Taylor Gabriel Falcons 49ers
30 Terrelle Pryor Browns Bills
31 Kelvin Benjamin Panthers Redskins
32 Michael Thomas Saints Cardinals
33 Donte Moncrief Colts Vikings
34 DeAndre Hopkins Texans Jaguars
35 Allen Robinson Jaguars Texans
36 Steve Smith Sr. Ravens Eagles
37 Robby Anderson Jets Dolphins
38 Randall Cobb Packers Bears
39 Brandon Marshall Jets Dolphins
40 Mike Wallace Ravens Eagles
41 Pierre Garcon Redskins Panthers
42 Kenny Britt Rams Seahawks
43 Willie Snead Saints Cardinals
44 Adam Thielen Vikings Colts
45 Sterling Shepard Giants Lions
46 Marvin Jones Lions Giants
47 Ty Montgomery Packers Bears
48 Malcolm Mitchell Patriots Broncos
49 Corey Coleman Browns Bills
50 Dontrelle Inman Chargers Raiders

Julio Jones - While being inactive last week was a shock to some of us, this week it appears he is going to be ready to go. With a matchup against the terrible 49ers defense, I think we see one of those big Julio Jones games. Just incase he has another late scratch though, it would be best to try and have Taylor Gabriel on your bench to plug in.

Julian Edelman - Even with a matchup against a tough Broncos secondary, I see Edelman as being matchup proof for this game. He is a guy who will make you pay through his volume of work from the slot. This is something that the Broncos are not used to having to shutdown. Most of the top receivers that they are stopping are the prototypical number 1 outside guy who can go deep down the field. Edelman should still have his high floor and produce nice numbers in this game.

Alshon Jeffery - After the 4 game suspension Jeffery is finally going to be suiting back up. Since his absence Matt Barkley has become the starting QB. I don't really know how to rank Jeffery because of this shift to Barkley. On the one hand he has been a serviceable guy back there and has allowed one receiver each week to kind of be the guy. The problem is that the receiver is always different each week. If we could know that Jeffery was going to be heavily targeted I would rank him in the top 10. The uncertainty is what has him only at number 20 this week. I still feel good about starting him in all leagues and think this could be the guy that really outperforms his spot.

Michael Thomas - This ranking is a lot lower than I usually have him. With Thomas sitting out the last game with a foot injury, one has to wonder if he does play this week if he will be at full strength. Foot injuries have a tendency to linger longer, so my guess is Thomas won't be 100%. This and the only average matchup forces him down to barely in WR3 and FLEX territory. This may be a spot where if you feel at all uneasy about playing him just go with a safer option.

Donte Moncrief - He is in a similar situation as Thomas here. Moncrief is currently nursing a hamstring injury that took hiim out of last weeks game. Currently he is questionable, but even if he gives it a go, how productive will he be? Because of his ability to score redzone TD's, he finds his way in the same class as Thomas. Again, like Thomas if you don't feel good about him just opt for a safer option to play instead.