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FanDuel Week 14 Cash Game Picks

Robert is back with his week 14 FanDuel cash game picks.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

You know the drill by now. I will give you some of the top cash game options that I see for the main Sunday slate, and then give a potential cash game lineup using some of those players. We are finally done with all of the bye weeks which is now giving us a full roster of players to choose from.


Aaron Rodgers ($8,000) - Yes I know he is facing the Seahawks, but I really don’t care. Rodgers has shown in the past when facing the Seahawks that he can navigate around the star defensive players on that team. He will look the opposite way of Sherman and just utilize his other receivers more often. I mean what are the Packers going to do instead run the ball?

Matt Barkley ($6,200) - So last week didn’t work out great for Barkley if you look at his ending point total. That was due in large part because of the weather. This week we don’t have to worry about weather as the Bears are playing inside of a dome against the Lions. Even last week with the terrible weather Barkley completed over 60% of his passes. He will probably be asked to throw the ball twice the amount of last week, which would mean Barkley will throw it about 36 times. With that I see an ending statline of 250 yards and 1 TD at the least. That alone would put Barkley at 14 points, good enough to make value.

Running Backs:

Le’Veon Bell ($9,000) - He is a full $700 less than Johnson, which fuels the reasons Bell is listed here. While Johnson most likely will still make value this week, the savings that you can get by using Bell instead give your lineup more flexibility. The matchup for Bell is great against a Bills defense that has not been a stout run defense.

DeMarco Murray ($7,900) - One of the more consistent backs this year has been Murray. This week he is facing a Broncos defense that has been gashed by opposing backs. The Titans are going to be feeding the ball all game long to Murray to take advantage of it.

Thomas Rawls ($6,500) - As I have stated in the past weeks, the Packers defense is really bad. They are not able to really stop anyone that has some talent. Enter Rawls who has a lot of talent, as he showed last week against the Panthers. While I don’t think he will go for over 100 yards and 2 TD’s in one half, I do think he can have that as his total at the end of the game again.

Wide Receivers:

Antonio Brown ($8,800) - He is the most consistent receiver in the game, and almost never has back to back weeks without making value. Don’t get cute, always find a way to use Brown in cash games.

Mike Evans ($8,900) - This game is shaping up to be a good old fashioned shootout. In games like that, you look at the top players as they are most likely to have the big games and score a few times. Well Mike Evans fits that bill, and against a weak Saints secondary, I expect he could finish the game with 125 or more yards with 2 TD’s.

Golden Tate ($6,300) - If Jones is ruled out then Tate becomes a must play. We saw the difference in having Jones in the lineup and not in the lineup was last week. When Jones is out they use Tate not only as there safety guy, but also in downfield throws. Again await word on whether Jones is playing or not, as he is either a must play if that happens, or he is very close with the next guy if Jones plays.

Jarvis Landry ($6,100) - So Landry hasn’t quite been the model of consistency we have been used to seeing in the past. What he does offer this week though is a nice matchup. In each of the last four weeks, the Arizona Cardinals have allowed a slot receiver TD in each game. Landry has the skills and the targets to make this a fifth straight game.

Tight End:

Antonio Gates ($5,200) - He has scored a TD in three of the last four weeks, with at least four receptions in each game. The Panthers defense has allowed a TD to an opposing TE in each of the last three games. This looks like a game where Gates will find the endzone with around 50-60 yards. He is so cheap and in such a good matchup that I will be using him without doubt in most cash lineups.


Roberto Aguayo ($4,500) - He is minimum priced and playing in the game with the highest implied point total.


Minnesota Vikings ($4,800) - A great Vikings defense that has been creating a lot of turnovers and sacks vs. the Jaguars offense that likes to get sacked and turn the ball over. This is an easy pick.

Cash Lineup:

QB: Matt Barkley
RB: Le’Veon Bell
RB: Thomas Rawls
WR: Antonio Brown
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Jarvis Landry
TE: Antonio Gates
Kicker: Roberto Aguayo
D/ST: Minnesota Vikings