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FanDuel GPP Lineup - Ringing The Bell

Looking for a FanDuel GPP lineup? Don't worry, Robert is giving you one of his own in search of big money.

NFL: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

With 6 teams on bye this week, there will be a little more overlap with other lineups. To combat this, you need to have that one or two guys who can set you apart from them. With that, let’s take a look at one of the lineups I am going to roll with on Sunday.

Colin Kaepernick $7,200 and Torrey Smith $5,300:

Well which Torrey Smith are we getting this week? Two games ago we saw him get targeted 7 times, and turn that into 76 yards and a TD. Last week though it was only 2 targets that turned into 17 yards. When in doubt, you always pick against the Saints defense. That means Smith should have more opportunities in this matchup to break one of those big plays.

The other player in this stack is Kaepernick. In reality, Kaepernick is a guy who you probably shouldn’t stack, as his biggest production can come from his rushing abilities. As I said above with Smith, you always want to pick on the Saints defense if you can. More often then not it will pay off for you. That is what I will be needing this week to have any chance of this lineup working.

Ezekiell Elliott $9,200:

Touches the ball around 25 times per game, and is facing a terrible Browns defense. Don’t overthink this one, he is the clear cut top back. It isn’t out of the question for this to be a 175+ yard, and 2 TD game here.

Le’Veon Bell $8,700:

We saw in the last game that the Steelers are committed to giving Bell the ball as much as possible with Big Ben out. The Ravens defense has been tough this season against backs, which is why I think Bell might be under-owned here. His talents are such that he is matchup proof, and I think we will witness that here.

Odell Beckham Jr. $8,900:

With the top two receivers of the week already playing, we are left with one truly elite option on Sunday. Because of the cap that I saved by going with Kaepernick, I felt that I could afford to take the gamble on Beckham this week.

Kenny Stills $6,000:

The Jets secondary has been allowing receivers to get over the top on them all season long. Stills has the speed to get past that defense a few times, and that really is all it takes to come through for me. He has been the starter opposite of Landry, playing in over 90% of snaps, which will give him plenty of opportunities to take advantage.

Kyle Rudolph $5,000:

This is a complete shot in the dark. Usually when you see an offensive coordinator fired, or in this case resign, the offense tries to focus hard the next game on its top talents. One of those players would be Rudolph, who I think can have his best game of the season. He has the potential to be a big threat in the redzone and get a score or two against the weak Lions secondary.

Wil Lutz $4,500:

Minimum priced and plays for a great offense.

Kansas City Chiefs $5,100:

Blake Bortles has really struggled this season, which makes me believe that the Chiefs defense could really come up big here. At least a few turnovers are in the bank, and we know this defense can return some of those for TD’s potentially.