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Fantasy Hockey: Breakaways and Benders

I’m going to shuffle things up a bit post holiday and mirror off an article I did earlier this week. 5 players to try to trade for (or pick up) and five players to sell high on.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

5 Buy Lows:

Cam Atkinson (RW, CBJ) 64% owned. I understand this isn't exactly buying low but he is amidst an all-star year. He's racking up all sorts of points, he's involved in all of the points when he's on the ice and his shooting percentage is actually low right now meaning he probably SHOULD be doing better. Buy into him if you can now.

Auston Matthews (C, Tor) 91% owned. I'm sure people are breathing a huge sigh of relief now that his serious goal drought is behind him but here is where i'm going with this. He should be 97% owned. If he's available pick him up, and make an offer for him now because you can get him for 85 cents on the dollar and he's going to have a HUGE December as he bounces back. This is a 70 point candidate and his drought just created a huge swing in one other month. The part i'm very curious about is whether or not this streakiness is what he will bring on a regular basis.

Kyle Turris (C, Ott) 34% owned. He is tied for the 10th most goals in the league. If he's available consider picking him up. I've written about him for two years now, he is a classic Stamkos (slightly less talented) he had a rough start as he was pushed into the NHL too early and each year as he gets more comfortable he's playing better and better. He could crack 30 goals this year. Also look for Ryan Dzingel who is now on the top line, great talent out of Ohio State.

Teuvo Teravainen (LW, Car) 20% owned. Carolina's numbers have been abnormally low and a lone bright spot is highly touted Teuvo who might be finally starting to break out. He has 7 points in the last 10 days, he's firing shots on net which exactly what is needed from him. He should be available in most leagues still.

Steve Mason (G, Phi) 41% owned. He has not allowed fewer than 3 goals in 4 of his last 5 starts, he has 4 wins to go with that and his stats going into this game implied that it's abnormally low which means he should be doing even better in the near future. Add into this that David Hakstol has acknowledged defensive let downs and changed his game plan to address that.

5 Sell High:

Evgeni Malkin (C, Pitt) 96% owned. I know this is bold but hear me out. 1. He's shooting at 15%, this will not be sustainable. 2. His stock is high, that is the time to sell. 3. He's averaging a penalty per game which is also unlike him. 4. The Penguins as a whole are way outshooting any normal levels meaning assist are inflated as well. 5. They are having trouble filling out the 3rd person on these top two lines. Conor Sheary and Jake Guentzel are there now but a lot of volatility going on as they struggle to find a consistent complement.

Jordan Eberle (RW, Edm) 90% owned. He is bouncing on and off Connor McDavid's line. While he is off it, i'm a hard sell, while on it i'm a hard buy. The reason I say sell now, is that he's been on it most of the year and his numbers are inflated. As such, if he bounces through the remainder of the year I think you can get a solid return for him right now, his stock is at an all time high.

TJ Oshie (RW, Wash) 88% owned. Yet another one whose stock is rather high, but i'm not sure he can sustain this level of success. He's shooting over 20%, has 2 short handed points and is a +10. He will be a solid player down the stretch, but is probably at 120% of his normal levels right now meaning you should be able to get a meaningful return for him.

Marian Hossa (RW, Chi) 86% owned. I have three reasons here and none are very factual based. 1. I think Chicago had an electric start to their season and is going to taper off for the next month or so and come back down to earth. 2. I think Hossa was chasing the 500 goals mark aggressively and just now happens to be on a favorable hot streak after that strong push. 3. Call me an ageist but I think he's going to hit a serious dry spell with a 4 point month in either December or January. I have no evidence other than an intuition on this.

Pekka Rinne (G, Nash) 97% owned. Look over his last two years, he starts out strong in October and November and then he falters. 75% of his Shutouts come in the first two months and then his GAA rises and his Save Percentage drops in December then January, will improve a bit in February and then falter back down in March. This means that if he continues this progression you will get one elite month (February) and then 3 average months. If you can find an equally elite goalie, sell now.