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Week 12 Wide Receiver Rankings - Standard Leagues

We have the three Thanksgiving day games this week. Check out Robert's receiver rankings for standard leagues to get you prepared in advance of the big day of games.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well we have reached Thanksgiving week. This means you are either just about to start the playoffs next week, or at least within the next few. Injuries have started to become a major factor, as A.J. Green is going to be out for potentially the rest of the season. This is where the waiver wire plays a major role. Because of injuries and some bad matchups for other receivers, you may be left having to go find a free agent to plug in. That is where these rankings will help the most. Here you can see who I have ranked the highest out of potential free agents you are deciding between and use it as a tool for your decision.

As always with Thanksgiving week because of the less amount of games on Sunday you need to be prepared if you have a guy who is questionable that may be ruled out. With that, let's dive right into the rankings, followed by some commentary on a few of the players.

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Antonio Brown Steelers Colts
2 Odell Beckham Jr. Giants Browns
3 Julio Jones Falcons Cardinals
4 Jordy Nelson Packers Eagles
5 Dez Bryant Cowboys Redskins
6 Mike Evans Buccaneers Seahawks
7 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals Falcons
8 Amari Cooper Raiders Panthers
9 Demaryius Thomas Broncos Chiefs
10 Julian Edelman Patriots Jets
11 Kelvin Benjamin Panthers Raiders
12 Stefon Diggs Vikings Lions
13 Allen Robinson Jaguars Bills
14 Brandin Cooks Saints Rams
15 Doug Baldwin Seahawks Buccaneers
16 DeAndre Hopkins Texans Chargers
17 Terrelle Pryor Browns Giants
18 Emmanuel Sanders Broncos Chiefs
19 Michael Crabtree Raiders Panthers
20 Michael Thomas Saints Rams
21 Jordan Matthews Eagles Packers
22 Rishard Matthews Titans Bears
23 Jamison Crowder Redskins Cowboys
24 Donte Moncrief Colts Steelers
25 T.Y. Hilton Colts Steelers
26 Brandon Marshall Jets Patriots
27 Jarvis Landry Dolphins 49ers
28 Davante Adams Packers Eagles
29 Golden Tate Lions Vikings
30 Tyrell Williams Chargers Texans
31 Steve Smith Sr. Ravens Bengals
32 Sterling Shepard Giants Browns
33 Randall Cobb Packers Eagles
34 Kenny Britt Rams Saints
35 DeVante Parker Dolphins 49ers
36 Tyler Boyd Bengals Ravens
37 DeSean Jackson Redskins Cowboys
38 Willie Snead Saints Rams
39 Cameron Meredith Bears Titans
40 Pierre Garcon Redskins Cowboys
41 Marvin Jones Lions Vikings
42 Cole Beasley Cowboys Redskins
43 Eli Rogers Steelers Colts
44 Mike Wallace Ravens Bengals
45 Michael Floyd Cardinals Falcons
46 Tyreek Hill Chiefs Broncos
47 Brandon LaFell Bengals Ravens
48 Travis Benjamin Chargers Texans
49 Corey Coleman Browns Giants
50 Adam Thielen Vikings Lions

Julian Edleman - Rob Gronkowski's status appears to be that he won't be playing on Sunday. This now means we should be seeing the same Edelman we saw last week again. This is the old Edelman we were used to. He will go out and get you around 100 yards with a good shot of a TD getting mixed in.

Stefon Diggs - The last time the Vikings played the Lions Diggs went out and grabbed 13 passes for 80 yards. Now I don't expect to see that high of a volume of receptions again, but I do think we see a great game here. The Lions secondary has been average this season against opposing receivers, but do get burned a few times a game. I think Diggs is almost a lock for 90+ yards in this one, and a TD shouldn't be out of the question.

Jordan Matthews - The Eagles are facing the putrid Packers defense this week. This puts Matthews in a great spot to succeed. In his last four games, Matthews has had at least 5 receptions in all of them. Matthews is getting his looks again from Wentz, and against this defense, you can almost bank something good happening.

Donte Moncrief and T.Y. Hilton - Well Andrew Luck is going to be out of this one. This now means that all Colts receivers are merely FLEX options at this point. While I considered lowering both guys even more, the prospect of this to be a blowout and the Colts needing to throw the ball constantly in the second half moves both up to being FLEX options. Moncrief over Hilton is because I think Moncrief has a slightly better shot at a TD than Hilton.

Tyler Boyd - I said it about Meredith last week, and I will say it about Boyd this week. We need to wait and see how the Bengals offense will operate without A.J. Green before proclaiming any receiving option outside of Eifert as playable. While it was nice to see 6 receptions and a TD in the last game after Green got hurt, I wonder what the gameplan will now look like since they know Green will be out of the game. Proceed with caution if you are considering starting him.