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UNU’s Picks go 11-3 in Week 11, Will Meet Today at 4pm ET


It was another bad week for the Packers, but a great one for UNU Football! The Swarm’s picks went an incredible 11-3 this weekend. How good is that? No ESPN expert did better, and most did much worse.

Here again were UNU Football’s Picks for Week 11. As you can see in the graphic at the bottom of this note, the Swarm only picked 3 games incorrectly, and two of those losses were games that the Swarm effectively declared a toss-up, New Orleans vs Carolina and Buffalo vs Cincinnati. Those were two of the three lowest confidence predictions that the Swarm made.

As always, the key to smart betting is knowing when not to put your money down. So, its important to note that if you’d only chosen the 5 Highest Confidence picks to wager on, you’d have gone 5-0, and, if you’d wager on the top 10 most confident picks, you’d have gone an incredible 9-1.

In addition, the Swarm went 3-1 Against the Spread in its High Confidence, High Brainpower picks. Given a standard -110 line for ATS picks, that sort of performance makes for a delightful 43.18% Return on Investment!

Remember: you can ONLY get UNU’s Against the Spread picks by signing up for the UNU Football newsletter. So, just drop me a line if you’d like to be added to the Swarm.

So, what was the secret to the Swarm’s success this week? We believe it’s two-fold.

First, we’ve improved swarming algorithms aimed at optimizing performance. This week was the first time those new algorithms were rolled out, so it’s possible that they really did work as advertised. ( In either case, they seemed to have cleaned up some anomalies we saw in Week 10 that resulted in unrealistic confidence levels ).

Just as importantly, we seemed to have had a great Swarm last week. As we always say, the Swarm is only as smart as the people who comprise it. The Week 11 Swarm was full of savvy football fans, the type of people who knew that the Dolphins would be playing consecutive games on the West Coat, and that the Steelers were in for a possible trap game. While no one can predict the future, if you’re going to try to do so, it’s best to be as informed as possible. And, since we’ve got a lot more data into the teams at this point in the season, the Swarm has more insight from which to make its picks.

One last thing. As I mentioned UNU Football will meet on Wednesday this week, rather than Thursday. The reasons should be pretty clear – not only is Thursday a holiday, but we’ve got lots of games to enjoy that day. Look for an invite tomorrow morning.

Congrats again to everyone who took part in the Swarm!

Here again are the UNU Football Week 11 Picks…

And here again are the Week 11 picks Against the Spread...

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