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SNF Preview: Packers @ Washington Week 11

Two teams, who are desperate to keep their seasons alive, clashes on Sunday night. Both teams are finally getting healthier, and they need a momentum to turn the tide before it’s too late.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
You are late.
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Packers @ Washington Week 11

Redskins -3

OverUnder 49


Game Script


The 4-5 Packers are in trouble, but it doesn’t mean that their skilled players are not performing in the Fantasy. Aaron Rodgers, after a slow and concerning start to the season, is finally back to looking like the legitimate top QB of this league. Devonte Adams’s (a year late) emergence as the team’s second option gave so much field room for the talented QB to operate, and this will be the key factor when the Green and the Gold faces Josh Norman and his friends. Jay Gruden has presented us a heated bar conversation topic by not utilizing Norman to cover the opponent’s top wideout. Is he shadowing Jordy Nelson tonight? Who cares (except Jordy owners)? This Packers offense truly features a three-headed WR set, and the Redskins have shown problems in defending talented receivers who run routes outside of Norman’s zone. Rodgers will continuously exploit the opportunities to go deep, and he will use inside the numbers, where the Redskins have shown weakness, by targeting Randall Cobb and Jared Cook early and often. The Packers mediocre run offense, which somehow has produced three straight 100 yards games by deploying likes of Ty Montgomery, Aaron Ripkowski, and Doc Johnson, won’t be the center piece of tonight’s matchup, but at least they finally have a real running back (James Starks), and he should find some rooms against the 10th worst run defense.


The Redskins have the third best passing and the eleventh best rushing offense on paper, but it has been a questionable season because we haven’t seen any elite Fantasy option emerging from this team yet. Jay Gruden just loves giving out equal chances to everyone on his roster, and now we have to accept that Jae Crowder, who caught 535 yards is this team’s receiving leader (34th in the league). The Packers defense is very polarized (4th best against run, 10th worst against pass), and we can easily predict that the Redskins will pass tonight. The real question is, however, who can we trust? Even Jordan Reed, probably the only mush-start Redskins player, is sharing his duty with Vernon Davis, and now that DeSean Jackson is back on the field, the situation can’t be any more complicated. On the ground, Rob Kelley is slowly firming his role as a lead back, but he is a zero factor in the passing game (negative one yard on 2 rec for the season). This is not a fun offense to tinker around (as usual).


Good Plays

Devonte Adams: 8 rec, 100 yards

He has been a target monster of this team, and he should avoid Norman for the most of the game.

Aaron Rodgers: 300 yards, 3 TD, 1 TO

We should always trust Rodgers, and the Packers have been going ridiculously pass heavy. Starks is back, but we should still expect tons of volume.


Average Plays

Randall Cobb: 6 rec, 80 yards

He is officially a third passing option on this team, but the Redskins are not good at defending slot, where Norman rarely shows up to cover.

Jordan Reed: 5 rec, 70 yards

Someone needs to catch pass on this offense, and Reed is the most trustworthy player to produce.

DeSean Jackson: 4 rec, 60 yards, 1 TD

He has been a zero factor in Fantasy since Week 4, but he is still a number one option on this team (at least on paper), and the depleted Packers secondary will have trouble catching up to his blazing speed.

Kirk Cousins: 280 yards, 2 TD

At least we know who is going to pass on this team.

Jordy Nelson: 4 rec, 50 yards, 1 TD

Jordy is a TD machine, and while he might not be targeted heavily, he should still be Rodger’s top Red Zone target.


Bad Plays

Rob Kelley: 60 yards

Fat Rob has been a Fantasy stud for last two weeks, but he is facing very tough run defense (but weak pass defense), so the Redskins don’t have enough reasons to feature the between-tackle specialist.

James Starks: 3 rec, 70 yards

Starks can be a useful asset, but he is just too risky to deploy. We are still not sure how healthier Montgomery can affect his volume yet.