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SNF Preview. Eagles @ Dallas Week 8

The key battle of NFC East is taking place at the AT&T Stadium, and the both rookie QBs have every reason to bring their A-game on the prime time.

The Born Ready.
The Born Ready.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles @ Dallas

Cowboys – 5.5

OverUnder 40.5


Game Script


What we have seen so far from the Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense is that they play very well against bad defense (Okay, that wasn’t the most informative statement). The team isn’t teeming with stars, but they get the job done when they face friendly matchups. The Cowboys defense doesn’t give up tons of points, but they also don’t pressure the opponent QB too much. Wentz plays the game very smart for a rookie, but he isn’t the gun slinger type passer yet (20th in passing yard / att), and he will appreciate all the space given by the defense when he takes the field. Just like any other Cowboys game, we should expect a lot of short passes and check downs from the Eagles, and they will slowly progress the field utilizing many different weapons. It won’t be the most fun game in terms of the Fantasy stand point since the Cowboys are so good at killing the clock and limiting the snaps (Cowboys gave up only 367 offensive plays, 3rd best in NFL), but this kind of defense should provide some breathing room for the rookie QB, and the Eagles offense should play very efficiently tonight.


Well, the Eagles have a very good front seven, and this is one of the toughest defense to fight against. So what? The Cowboys don’t care who they are facing. They will ride Ezekiel Elliot, the leading rusher of NFL, until his legs stop moving. This team knows how to run the ball (3rd in rushing yards, and 5th in yards/att), and Bennie Logan’s absence should give them more excuses to keep the ball on the ground. Dez Bryant will be finally back on the field, but Dak Prescott is not his best buddy. The QB likes to play safe, and less than 100% Dez won’t be the main focus of this offense, but he can be a great decoy to open up more rooms for their star running back.


Good Plays

Ezekiel Elliot: 100 yards, 1 TD

This won’t be his most efficient night against the stout Eagles defense, but we know Elliot should be trusted on every night. Bennie Logan is out, so Elliot can at least enjoy little more room, and we should see him carrying the offense once more.

Jordan Matthews: 80 yards, 8 rec

Matthews definitely has great experiences in playing slot, and his pass catching ability will be crucial for the Eagles to advance the field. Expect him to play around the middle of the field, and he will see tons of short passes coming his way. He is a must start in PPR.


Average Plays

Darren Sproles: 60 yards, 4 rec

Every Eagles skill player will be involved in this game, and while there won’t be enough pie to be shared by everyone, Sproles will have to take on a lot of dirty work to keep this chain moving. He will serve as the main check down point for the Wentz, especially late in the game if they fall behind.

Carson Wentz: 250 yards, 1 TD

He is not going to blow up the scoreboard against the stingy Cowboys, but the rookie should appreciate the space and the low pressure. The Eagles offense have to rely on passing tonight, and Wentz will have an efficient, but not outstanding night.


Bad Plays

Dak Prescott: 180 yards, 1 TD

The Eagles are in general very good at defending passes, and the Cowboys have every reason to run the ball tonight. Dak will serve as a mere game manager (once again).

Dez Bryant: 40 yards, 3 rec

The star is back, but he isn’t 100%, and the Cowboys won’t feed him religiously, unless his bff Tony Romo comes back. He has many great memories playing against the Eagles, but he will run many decoy routes tonight.