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SNF Preview. Seahawks @ Arizona Week 7

The key battle of the NFC West takes place tonight at the University of Phoenix, and the two struggling elite QBs will try to put their teams on top.

Some people just never get old.
Some people just never get old.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Cardinals -1

OverUnder 43


Game Script


Russell Wilson hasn't been 100% since the beginning of the season, but it hasn't really affected his passing game yet. While his TD total is dipped significantly, he is still averaging 266.8 passing yards per game, which is about 15 yards higher than last year. He is still very efficient (65.9% completion rate, 7.8 yards/att), and there is no doubt that he can still win games for the Seahawks while hobbling. Nevertheless, the Cardinals defense, who hasn't lived up to their preseason hype, still knows how to slow down the opponent's air attack (1st in INT, 6th in TD allow, and 7th in Passing Yard allowed), and there is zero reason for the Seahawks to change any of their strategy at the desert. They will rely on their defense and running to keep the game low score, and this will be another Christine Michael/Jimmy Graham show. These two middle field options will continue to eat up the clock and yardage while other big play machines like Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett to take the back seat, once again.


Carson Palmer is going to be active against their division rival, but it's not going to be a fun night for the injured QB. The Seahawks defense is once again the best in the league, and even at the desert, there is no reason to think Palmer's signature long slingers to work against Richard Sherman and the company. Kam Chancellor is likely to be out for the game, so it would be smart for the Cardinals to rely on their TEs (whoever that is) and the superstar David Johnson. There is no doubt that Palmer is still going to force some deep balls, but Michael Floyd and John Brown won't be the key piece tonight.


Good Plays

David Johnson: 100 yards, 1 TD

Playing against the Seahawks is very fun, but you can never doubt little Johnson's ability. He is going to be supported by his home field crowd, and the Cards need to ride him hard to have chance to win tonight.

Larry Fitzgerald: 80 yards, 8 rec, 1 TD

The Cards should try to exploit the middle of the field in Kam's absence, but they rarely use their TEs in passing attack, so the only option here is the old Fitzgerald. He has one of the softest hand in the league, and he will play plenty of slots to move the chain.

Christine Michaels: 80 yards, 2 rec, 1 TD

He is the only healthy running back in this heavy rushing team, and the Cards D is more vulnerable on the ground. Michaels won't be efficient, but his workload is unquestioned, and he will be the featured player for the Seahawks.


Average Plays

Jimmy Graham: 80 yards, 7 rec

Graham has been surprisingly playing well this season so far, and he should be once again the favorite target of hurried/injured Russell Wilson.


Bad Plays

Carson Palmer: 250 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Palmer isn't 100%, and he is playing against the Seahawks. No brainer.

Russell Wilson: 200 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

He is the least selfish player in the league, and he understand that what give the best chance for his team to win tonight.

Michael Floyd/Doug Baldwin: 50 yards, 4 rec

The number 1 passing option of both team pretty much share the fates tonight. There won't be enough volume or scoring for these guys to be featured.