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Deep Waiver Adds You Should Start This Week

The ole waiver wire grows thinner by the day, but don’t fret! I’ve got a few gems that can help you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat this weekend. 

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

You just barely hanging in there? You planning for your playoff run? Already just looking to play spoiler and salvage that last dangling shred of what you used to call your pride? If so, check out these deep waiver adds that can help you this week.

Colin Kaepernick – Tampa Bay (-2) @ San Francisco, +\- 46.5

Kaepernick did well for fantasy owners in his debut against a tough Buffalo Bills defense. He’s never been an amazing passer, but he did take several shots downfield, something missing from the Niners O in past weeks. Colin made hay by combining average (to below average) passing stats with a strong day rushing. At home, facing a struggling Buccaneers side, I think we’ll see Kap hand in a top 10 QB performance.

Pierre Garcon – Washington @ Detroit (-1.5), +\- 49.5

Washington and Detroit haven’t been involved in too many low scoring affairs this year, and nothing will change on that front this Sunday. With Jordan Reed recovering from a concussion, Kirk Cousins has rekindled his old flame, Garcon. I doubt we’ll see a huge performance from of Pierre as those days are likely behind him, but I doubt he’ll walk away from this one scoring fewer than 7 points in a standard league. If you need to make sure you just get something out of your WR3 or flex, plug in Pierre.

Zach Zenner - Washington @ Detroit (-1.5), +\- 49.5

Zenner should benefit from being the last man standing in Detroit. Zenner isn’t an amazing talent, but in this game, we’re just looking for the volume plays. With the Lions’ backfield reeling, Zenner should see plenty of carries and scoring opportunities.

Jack Doyle – Indianapolis @ Tennessee (-2.5), +\- 48

First, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the world that we live in today. The Titans are favored over the Colts.

Now that we’ve adjusted, yes, I am again recommending Jack Doyle. Prognosticators across the globe are saying that Dwayne Allen will be out. If that comes to pass, Doyle becomes the 2nd option for the Colts passing game (you’ve hurt me too many times Dorsett!). Maybe I need to move on from wanting a piece of this struggling Colts offense, but the league is short on quality fantasy options at tight end (again) this year.

Cleveland Browns – Cleveland @ Cincinnati (-10), 45.5

**Alert - Narrative Street - Alert**

There is no good reason for this pick. One might say that former Bengals offensive coordinator and now Browns head-coach Hugh Jackson could find a way to best a Bengals side that manages to lose a game or two like this every year. One could also say that line of reasoning isn’t what we would call ‘analysis’.

Don’t pick up the Browns because I have a hunch nourished by cold coffee and a sandwich better left wrapped in it’s cold, dark cellophane-coffin that is the pre-made foods cooler in the cafeteria. Pick up the Browns if you like to make reckless decisions based on little more than ‘a feeling’.