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FanDuel Week 6 GPP Lineup – Who Own da Chiefs?


San Diego Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
All hail JC
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I felt a little off while putting together my GPP lineups this week. Several games are interesting, but with the invisible hand of the market forcing my visible hand to a strange and awkward place, I struggled. Enough about that, take a look at the lineup I ended up with!

Quarterback: Alex Smith $6,800 - Kansas City (-1.5) @ Oakland, +/- 47

I like to do my QB shopping at Target. Its not the cheapest place, but Alex Smith isn’t the kind of armoire (pun intended) you’d find at a Pottery Barn. Oakland is giving it up through the air. The hope here is that poor D from the Raiders buoys the Chiefs Passing game.

PS: JC from KC should be fully operational this week. Barring attack from pesky rebels, he’ll destroy.

Running back: Mark Ingram $6,700 – Carolina (-2.5) @ New Orleans, +/- 53.5

You know that your burger will have onions on it even though you asked the waitress to ask the cook to not put them on there, and you know the Saints will have the highest over/under each week. I want pieces of a game between two teams who can’t stop anyone on D. Ingram may accidentally fall in to the end zone twice this game.

Running back: DeMarco Murray $8,800 – Cleveland @ Tennessee (-7), +/- 43.5

If you don’t believe in the DeMarco Murray, at this point, I have some Yahoo stock that I’d like to unload (I still think there is a chance they turn it around). I remember when someone in my home-league drafted Murray in the first round. I didn’t say anything at the time, even though I was thinking it..., but the rest of the league let the guy know how dumb the pick was.

Fast forward to Week 6, a lot of you might trade your first rounder, or at least your second, for Murray. The Browns are bad, and Murray is killing it. I’ll pay the premium for a premium back.

Wide Receiver: Jeremy Maclin $6,900 - Kansas City (-1.5) @ Oakland, +/- 47

I’m stacking Chiefs this week, pairing either Maclin or Kelce with Alex Smith in several lineups. The Chiefs return to full strength on offense, and face a bad Oak… oh, I already covered all this. So, yah, Maclin.

Wide Receiver: Willie Snead $7,000 - Carolina (-2.5) @ New Orleans, +/- 53.5

I’m hoping the week off did the trick for Snead’s battle against injury. When healthy, he’s a Drew Brees favorite. Snead will be facing a secondary in shambles after shedding standout starter Josh Norman. Did I mention the over/under yet?

Wide Receiver: Sammie Coates $6,400 – Pittsburgh (-7) @ Miami, +/- 48.5

Keep in mind Sammie Coates may not play this weekend, so have a backup plan (perhaps Mike Wallace has a big game with Steve Smith expected to sit). Coates brings size, speed, target volume, and an excellent surrounding cast to the table as a DFS play. If he could catch reliably he’d cost 2 grand more. Despite Sammie’s slippery mitts, Ben Roethlisberger is not shying away from him. With the volume and the talent around Coates, I’m getting on the Sam-wagon.

Tight End: Greg Olsen $8,100 - Carolina (-2.5) @ New Orleans, +/- 53.5

I don’t like the bargain bin tight ends this week. I’ll make no argument against the Black Unicorn (Martellus Bennet) or Gronk Smash (I think you can figure that one out), but my favorite play is Olsen. This is likely the best time to remind everyone that the highest over/under each week will see the highest ownership percentages. If you’re going to pick up a lot of pieces from this game, you’ll want a few plays that you think will go under-owned.

DST: Bills $4,800 - San Francisco @ Buffalo (-9), +/- 44

Betting in to the streak is always scary, but Buffalo is looking as good as San Fran is looking bad. I’m hoping the status quo continues for both sides here, go Bills!

Kicker: Nick Novak $4,500 - Indianapolis @ Houston (-3), +/- 48

Can Houston score against the Colts soft D? Can they at least move the ball and give Novak a few shots? This is the most leg I could get at minimum salary.