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UNU’s Picks: NFL Game Picks for Week 6

This post originally appeared on the UNU blog


Are you ready for some football?!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the UNU Football Swarms so far! Week 5 was a solid week for the Swarm, posting a 7-5-1 official record, and then throwing in an almost perfect bonus pick on Monday night football. You can read about Week 5 HERE.

On to Week 6....

This week we had a very confident Swarm. In fact, as you'll see below, 10 out of the 15 games were chosen with High Confidence. And, unlike weeks' past, there was a much more equal split between Favorites and Underdogs in the Swarm's picks. Obviously, we're learning more about the teams every week, and the same is probably safe to say about UNU Football!

The results below are sorted by predicted Confidence and then by Brainpower. As always, I would encourage you to watch each games replay for a better understanding of how the Swarm arrived at its prediction. For example, lower brainpower could reflect a toss-up between the two teams, or it could mean that the Swarm was torn between High and Low Confidence in the pick.

Here’s a look at the replay from this week's most confident Swarm. As far as the Swarm is concerned, the Jets are simply not worth risking your hard-earned money on, especially on the road against a Cardinals team that sees Carson Palmer return from his first-ever concussion this week.

Swarm Intelligence UNU picks NFL winners for week 6

This should go without saying, but if you’re going to bet on football – or anything else, for that matter – be smart about it. UNU has a pretty good track record, but football is notoriously difficult to predict Against the Spread.

Without further ado, here are the Swarm’s picks for Week 6 of the NFL season…


@Arizona -7.5 vs New York Jets

Arizona -7.5 - High Confidence

Brainpower 89%

Denver (-3.5) @San Diego

Denver by 6 - High Confidence

Brainpower 83%

@Green Bay -4 vs Dallas

Green Bay -4 - High Confidence

Brainpower 77%

Pittsburgh (-8) @ Miami

Pittsburgh -8 - High Confidence

Brainpower 76%


@Oakland -1 vs Kansas City

Oakland -1 - High Confidence

Brainpower 73%

@Houston -3 vs Indianapolis

Indianapolis +3 - High Confidence

Brainpower 72%

@Buffalo (-7.5) vs. San Francisco

San Francisco +7.5 - High Confidence

Brainpower 69%

@Seattle -6.5 vs Atlanta

Atlanta +6.5 High Confidence

Brainpower 68%

@New York Giants (-3) vs. Baltimore

Baltimore + 3 - High Confidence

Brainpower 67%

Carolina -3 @ New Orleans

CAR (-3.0) - High Confidence

Brainpower 65%


@Tennessee -7 vs Cleveland

Tennessee -7 - Low Confidence

Brainpower - 84%

@New England (-9.5) vs. Cincinnati

Patriots -9.5 - Low Confidence

Brainpower 79%

@Detroit -3.5 vs Los Angeles

Detroit (-3.5) - Low Confidence

Brainpower 77%


Philadelphia -3 @ Washington

Too Close to Call -

Brainpower 68%

@Chicago (-2.5) vs. Jacksonville

Too Close to Call

Brainpower 48%