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FanDuel GPP Lineup - Start Hoyer?

Looking for a FanDuel GPP lineup? Don't worry Robert is giving you one of his own in search of big money.

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Brian Hoyer $6,000 and Zach Miller $5,000:

That is right folks. I am going with possibly the cheapest stack you can get. Last week against the Cowboys we saw Hoyer throw the ball 49 times, which translated into over 300 yards and 2 TD’s. The Lions pass defense really isn’t better than the Cowboys pass defense. When considering that, and the fact that Hoyer now has a week with this offense under the belt, is it unreasonable to think he could improve on that outing last week? Okay maybe you guys think so, but hey I want to save the money to pay up for other stars.

Ezekiel Elliott $8,100:

That first star I want to pay up for is Elliott. So through the first three weeks Elliott has 71 rush attempts. This looks like we are going to see what we saw with Murray two years ago. The only thing missing is his contributions in the passing game. While it would be nice to see that this week, against a 49ers team it won’t be necessary. We have seen opposing teams get more plays playing against the fast 49ers offense, which will result in more chances for Elliott to break through and score a couple of TD’s.

LeGarrette Blount $7,500:

The lowest amount of carries Blount has had to start the season is 22. The Patriots realize what they need to do to win without Brady, and that is handing the ball to Blount. In each of the last two games Blount has rushed for over 100 yards, and has totaled 3 TD’s over that three game span, and has scored in each game this season. I think against a Bills team whose defense has struggled against opposing running games, Blount will have his final big game we can count on.

Antonio Brown $9,400:

We saw Antonio Brown return to his normal self last week. He is always going to be the top option, it just comes down to a question of whether you can fit his salary in or not. This week I have the ability to fit Brown in, and I hope this is the one game he goes for 180+ yards and 2 TD’s.

Brandin Cooks $8,200:

We just saw what T.Y. Hilton did to that Chargers defense. Now it will be Cooks time to shine. We saw in week one the upside that Cooks has, but I think we can see more from him. Is it really out of the question to think he can put up 175 yards and 2 TD’s? Seeing as Hilton just had 174 yards and 1 TD, I think Cooks has a chance at getting there.

DeSean Jackson $6,900:

This is my exposure to the Redskins vs. Browns game. I do think Cousins will look great, but I want to fade that pick since it will probably be the most popular stack this week. Even though I am fading Cousins, I want to get some taste of what could be some big plays in Jackson. All I need is two long TD’s for this to pay off, as the yards will come with them.

Josh Lambo $4,500:

My kicker will always be one of the cheapest starters with a high implied point total according to the betting lines. This weak that minimum priced kicker is Josh Lambo, who is apart of a high flying Chargers offense right now.

Baltimore Ravens Defense $4,400:

Well I had to go cheap at defense to fit all of those other guys in, but I don’t feel too bad about the Ravens here. Despite me constantly calling the Ravens defense as weak this season, it appears that I may be wrong about that. They have looked okay so far, and now they get the Raiders. Yeah that matchup sounds pretty bad, but Carr has been known to occassionaly struggle and throw some picks. Yeah this pick is one I don’t love, but I love the rest of my lineup, which makes me feel better here.