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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 4

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for week 4.

NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to week 4 of our FanDuel cash game advice. This is a week where we take advantage of starting Running Backs being hurt, giving his backup a full opportunity for touches. This is the time of season where all of the injuries start to give rise to cash game options who are very cost effective. Finding and using these players are key to be able to pay up for those studs to round out your lineup.

I will give you a few options at positions, and then at the end say who I am going with for my main cash game lineup. Now let us jump into the picks. Players are listed by position, and then ordered by the ones I like most.


Kirk Cousins ($7,600) - He was one of my two QB choices last week, and is again this week. Cousins has been given free reign of the offense to throw the ball as much as possible in that Washington offense. Now with a matchup against the Browns, Cousins comes in at such a nice price that you need to use him this week.

Cam Newton ($9,300) - For as bad as Newton was last week against the Vikings, he still managed to put up 16.08 points. Now with a match up against a far worse pass defense in the Atlanta Falcons, I see almost no scenario where Newton finishes with under 20 points here. If you don’t feel comfortable with Cousins, or have a lot of extra salary at the end, Newton is always a safe play, especially going up against the Falcons defense.

Running Backs:

David Johnson ($8,700) - At least there is one top running back who has been providing you with a safe option each week. Johnson has a rare skill set these days with him being a true three down back. While the price point may be tough to swallow, if we just look at how well Charles Sims did last week against the Rams, and then factor in Johnson being a superior player to Sims, Johnson should have no trouble getting 20 points this week.

Melvin Gordon ($7,600) - Another top back who has been consistent this year is Melvin Gordon. Last week was his worst week, and he still put up 15.8 points. This week we see Gordon facing the terrible Saints defense. Stats don’t need to be brought up here. The Saints defense is still trying to figure out Freeman and Coleman, and after this week, will be adding Gordon to that list.

Jordan Howard ($5,600) - This was one of the backs I was referring to in the beginning of this article. Langford is out for the game, leaving Howard as the starting back for the Bears. Because Howard hasn’t had much of an opportunity yet to showcase his skills, his salary is too low to not take advantage of. The Lions defense has been below average this year defending the run, making this play a safe one.

Wide Receivers:

Antonio Brown ($9,400) - We saw Antonio Brown return to his normal self last week. He is always going to be the top option in cash games at receiver, it just comes down to a question of whether you can fit his salary in or not.

Larry Fitzgerald ($7,500) - Fitzgerald has been a model of consistency so far this season. In each game Fitz has been targeted over 10 times, and has turned those into at least 5 receptions in each game. This week the Cardinals are facing the Rams. While the Rams defense against receivers may look decent at a glance, if you look deeper into the numbers, this pass defense really has struggled. The 49ers got such a big lead they didn’t need to throw the ball often, and the Seahawks had a hurt Russell Wilson running the offense. Fitz should have no problem getting 7 receptions for over 100 yards and a TD in this game.

Terrelle Pryor ($7,000) - When you see a guy getting touches as a receiver that involve him playing some QB and either throwing it or running it himself, he increases his floor outcome. For cash games, we are searching for those players with the high floors to start. Pryor is pretty much the only good receiver on this roster, and if they continue to give him direct snaps in the redzone, the TD’s will come.

Cole Beasley ($5,300) - Another player who is benefiting from a hurt player ahead of him. Dez Bryant is going to be out this week, leaving Beasley as the top receiving option. While this may not result in a TD, at this salary he doesn’t need to score. A game where Beasley get 7 receptions for 75 yards already is enough to provide value. I expect Beasley to do better than that, so thinking of that as a baseline makes him a great cash game option.

Tight Ends:

Jordan Reed ($7,500) - If you want the safe option that goes along with Kirk Cousins, Reed is your guy. While still without a TD to start this season, that is bound to change. The Browns defense has been awful at defending the pass. This is the week that we see Jordan Reed show why he was considered to be a top 2 TE at the end of last year.

Zach Miller ($5,000) - When you insert Brian Hoyer in the place of Jay Cutler you are bound to see the offense run a little differently. Because Hoyer is not the guy to throw the ball deep regardless of coverage, Miller has seen his value rise the most. As we saw last week, Miller when targeted on those short to immediate passes he is a very efficient DFS play. The salary just hasn’t caught up with the kind of production this guy can provide.


Josh Lambo ($4,500) - My kicker will always be one of the cheapest starters with a high implied point total according to the betting lines. This weak that minimum priced kicker is Josh Lambo, who is apart of a high flying Chargers offense right now.


New England Patriots ($4,500) - The Bills are going to be without Sammy Watkins. Not only are they without there top receiving threat, the Bills have been poor on offense this season. The Patriots defense has performed well in the first three weeks, all against offenses that are better than the Bills. This pick is the only defense that I see as a value this week for cash games.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Kirk Cousins

RB: David Johnson

RB: Jordan Howard

WR: Antonio Brown

WR: Larry Fitzgerald

WR: Terrelle Pryor

TE: Zach Miller

Kicker: Josh Lambo

D/ST: New England Patriots

Good Luck to everyone in week four, and remember to check the inactives on Sunday morning to see if a guy you are playing is out, or if you can take advantage of someone getting a start.