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Wildcard Weekend FanDuel Value Plays

The regular season is over, but playoff DFS is just beginning. Check out these value plays for Wildcard Weekend.

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I hope you're regular season fantasy teams worked out, but even if they didn't, we still have playoff DFS to enjoy. We have a strange slate for this weekend, but there are still values to be had. I'll go through a few of my favorite plays for the weekend below.


Brian Hoyer $6,900

Since this is a value article I'll forgo giving Aaron Rodgers too much ink, and instead, I'll start with my favorite low-cost quarterback this weekend. Hoyer has put up some amazing games, but he has put up some real stinkers this year. The Kansas City Chiefs defense is stout, and the Texans will dearly miss the starting Left Tackle Duane Brown. Despite going in to this low-scoring tough matchup, I see Hoyer as the best bet to blow up for under 7K. The Texans have been a different team in the second half of the season, and if the stiff Texans defense can put the clamps on the sloth-like Chiefs O, the Texans offense might be able to get out to an early lead, and put up a few quick touchdowns.

AJ McCarron $6,400

McCarron is the cheapest starter and he'll be facing a Pittsburgh side that has put up several poor efforts defensively down the stretch. If you really want to pinch pennies at QB, it's pretty easy to tell yourself a story where McCarron finds a way to hook up with the likes of Tyler Eifert and AJ Green for a few scores. Bad weather and stumbling offensive finishes from the remaining quarterback pool makes McCarron a worthier gamble this week.

Running Back

James Starks $5,800

I'm not the first one to say it, but good luck picking out a running back this week. I'll go with Starks as my favorite value play because I expect Washington to get out front early when they host the Green Bay Packers. Starks has steadily split time down the stretch with Eddie Lacy, but I do think that Starks is the most likely back to find the end-zone in a game that I think is the only one to crest the Over this weekend.

Marshawn Lynch $7,800

There are several good reasons not to put your faith in Lynch, but the lack of good running back candidates might force your hand here. It will be arctic-cold in Minnesota when the Vikings host the Seattle Seahawks. Lynch is coming off of injury, and the Seahawks offense has been doing just fine relying on Russel Wilson to throw the ball around. Despite the negatives, Lynch still gives you the best shot at an absolutely studly performance. ‘This My Son' has done amazing work in the playoffs before, and it is hard to bet against him to blow up the Vikings this Sunday.

Wide Receiver

Randall Cobb $6,500

Cobb has been pretty easy to avoid this year, the Packers offense mired in injury and poor play. This week, someone on the Packers is going to have to have a big game if Aaron Rodgers bounces back after struggling down the stretch. Cobb has been bad this year, but I still believe he's a very talented receiver. Pairing that with one of the NFLs best quarterbacks is too tempting to pass on for a mere $6,500 this week.

DeAndre Hopkins $8,800

Yes, Hopkins isn't cheap this week, but at $8,800, I still think he represents a fair value. If the Texans are going to have any chance at advancing to the Divisional Round, Hopkins is going to have to go nuts. My sense is that the Texans are going to prove too much for the Chiefs, turning the tables on a team that embarrassed them in Week 1. Hopkins has a very solid floor, and more than enough talent to be this week's top scoring receiver.

AJ Green $8,300

Again, I understand Green is not cheap, but you want to spend your money at receiver this week anyway. Green is the type of receiver that, despite the talent at quarterback, can handle shouldering the load in the passing game. The Bengals and Steelers will face off for the third time this year, and I think Green's exceptional talent will win out, and he'll, again, run roughshod over the Steelers D. Don't get cheap on my, Green is a go this week.

Tight End

Tyler Eifter $6,400

If you pass on AJ Green, you're starting Eifert. Jordan Reed and Eifert have been top plays at Tight End at the close of the season, and this week is no different. I'll go with Eifert over Reed only because you can save $1,100 bucks here.


Houston Texans $4,600

It's a sweep for the Texans, you should know by now how I bet the Chiefs V Texans game. I don't see Kansas City doing enough to threaten the Texans, and JJ Watt is the best defensive player in football. The Texans should get after Alex Smithand come up with sacks and third down stops.