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Nationals trade Drew Storen to Blue Jays for Ben Revere

Ray offers his take on the fantasy impact of the Nationals-Blue Jays trade.

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Well, after the Nationals signed free agent receivers Shawn Kelley and Oliver Perez this offseason, it was just a matter of time that they dealt former closer Drew Storen or closer Jonathan Papelbon. There was recurring rumors that the Nationals were looking to deal Storen and they finally found a trade partner this evening. Here is MLB Network's Jon Heyman on Twitter:

Apparently the Blue Jays are sending another player to the Nationals along with Ben Revere, but that has yet to be announced. Here is the fantasy impact of the deal.


The Nationals have been looking to replace centerfielder Denard Span, who they did not offer a qualifying offer to and who signed with the Giants yesterday. The Nationals get an every day center fielder in Revere, and he can platoon with Michael Taylor, who has loads of offensive and defensive tools, but does not walk and has trouble making contact.

Revere's fantasy value remains the same as a result of this deal, as he should play every day, with Taylor possibly starting the season in AAA, or platooning off the bench. Taylor's value obviously takes a hit, as he was the incumbent to replace Span. Revere makes loads of contact, can steal some bases and hit for a high average, but is not very good defensively. Revere will replace Taylor as the Nationals lead off hitter, and should score 80-90 runs this season, while hitting .290-.300 and stealing 30+ bases.

With Storen gone, Papelbon remains the Nationals closer, while Kelley should step into the set up role and could close should the Nationals decide they don't want Papelbon on their roster after his late season dugout incident with Bryce Harper. The Nationals could also go out and sign former National receiver Tyler Clippard to set up as well.

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Blue Jays

The Blue Jays get an established closer in Storen, and he should take over that role from Roberto Osuna as a result of this deal. There is no word yet if Storen will close, but Storen, who is a free agent at the end of the 2016 season, does have the longer track record than Osuna, and could become trade bait should the Blue Jays fall out of the AL East or wild card race, so it makes sense to slot Storen in the closer role.

This obviously increases Storen's fantasy value, assuming he is the Blue Jays closer, and hurts the value of Osuna, who may set up or move the the rotation. Aaron Sanchez is impacted as well, as he could move to a starting role with the addition of Storen.

Who plays center field and left field for the Blue Jays? The Blue Jays had too many outfielders, with Jose Bautista in right field, and Kevin Pillar in center field. This move allows Michael Saunders to play left field on a regular basis and for the Blue Jays to bring outfield prospect Dalton Pompey along slowly, using him as their fourth outfielder. Pompey struggled in his 103 plate appearances last season, hitting just .223-.291-.372, so he could start the season as their fourth outfielder or playing every day in AAA for more seasoning.

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