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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for January 4th

1 deal at every position...

Shane Larkin is about to make some serious Fantasy noise...
Shane Larkin is about to make some serious Fantasy noise...
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The holidays are over, and it's time to focus on a productive year ahead.

Or at least try not to suck as much as last year.


Let's begin.

Shane Larkin, BKN, PG ($4500)

The son of Hall of Famer Barry Larkin is about to explode. Starting PG Jarrett Jack is out for the year, and Shane Larkin now has the opportunity to show the league what he can do with starter's minutes. Already one of the best backup PGs in the NBA, Larkin has a pretty clean roto line across the board. With heavy minutes, a huge bump is coming. Remember when Kyle Lowry finally got his opportunity to start? He never looked back. Shane Larkin is about to turn a corner. For $4500, you won't find more upside at the point guard position tonight...

Gerald Green, MIA, SG ($3800)

He's streaky, but he's a very capable scorer. Hot G2 has emerged recently - averaging 17.0 PPG the last 2 games. He's pretty modest in the counting stats department, but when he beasts, he can contribute is absolutely every category. He's a pretty safe bet when he's rolling (which he currently is), so for such a low price, he's a pretty safe option...

Robert Covington, PHI, SF ($4800)

Robert Covington is an enigma. For awhile, he looked like first round value. He has crazy games where he records so many points, 3s and steals, he can win you entire cats by himself. Then he completely disappears. It's very strange. He's basically done nothing for a couple weeks, but as previously stated, he can explode at any moment. For $4800, it's a pretty low price for a performer who can be the BEST Fantasy performer any given night. He's extremely volatile, but he hasn't had a mammoth game in awhile. What goes down must come up... Maybe tonight?

Frank Kaminsky, CHA, PF ($4000)

While Frank the Tank is coming off a stinker (only 6 points on 2/11 shooting), what's more significant to me is the fact that he played a career-high 33 minutes. He was averaging 16.5 PPG the previous 2 games, and for a rookie, it's clear he's getting better... He's been a double digit scorer 5 of his last 7 games, and he's only scratching the surface... The real value of rookies is in tracking their splits. When they continually increase from month to month, you know you're in for a treat... Frank's counting stats are doubling every month, so you want to get on this train while it's cheap...

Amir Johnson, BOS, C ($4200)

As always, the real issue with Amir Johnson is health. He's a quality NBA player - and a very intriguing Fantasy one - you just never know when he's gonna get hurt. Amir has been up and down a bit this year, but last game put up 7 points, 11 boards, 2 assists and 2 blocks. There are lots of frontcourt mouths to feed on the emerging Celtics, but when Amir is right, he's the top dog. He's unpredictable day to day, but he's coming off a good game, and I always ride the hot hand... Give him a whirl for $4200 measly dollars.

So there's 5 guys to get you back into the swing of things.

This is the year you finally get that promotion.

And you get the girl.

And you lose 20 pounds.

Man, you're so greedy.