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A Sneak Peak into our First Base Week Coverage

Here is our schedule for First Base week beginning tomorrow.

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Here at Fake Teams, we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide fantasy baseball coverage 365 days per year. We hope we have met your expectations this offseason, and we value your readership on a daily basis. We hope that you have enjoyed our offseason coverage to date, including the fabulous work from our prospect team with their Consensus Top 100 Prospect Rankings and their Top 10 prospect series, as well as the Fantasy Team Preview Series from Rob Parker, as we are as passionate about fantasy baseball as you are. But the real offseason is just beginning.

Rankings season is upon us, and we are very excited about our rankings coverage this offseason. We just finished up with Catcher Week where we published our consensus top 30 catcher rankings, top 20 catching prospects and loads of player profiles.

Below you will find a link to all of our Consensus Rankings content to date:

Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit

Our Consensus Rankings series began last week and will go until late March. Below is the current schedule:

Rankings Week Schedule

Catcher: January 25th (completed)

First Base: February 1st

Second Base: February 8th

Shortstop: February 15th

Third Base: February 22nd

Outfielders: February 29th (Leap Year!)

Starting Pitchers: March 7th

Relievers: March 14th

Below is the schedule for the First Base week, where Brian will kick everything off with the State of the Position on Monday at 7am. I follow that up with part 1 of our first base rankings, where our consensus first base rankings 1 - 15 will be released, along with short player profiles for each player.

On Wednesday, Jason will release his Top 20 fantasy first base prospects for 2016, and we will profile a few first base prospects as well.

In addition to the rankings, I will be providing player profiles/blurbs for each of the major league first baseman ranked. We will publish prospect profiles for prospects who could/should have an impact on fantasy rosters in 2016, and on a few prospects who you should target in keeper/dynasty league drafts. We feel that these profiles will give you a good idea as to who to draft and who to keep your eye on should they be called up this season.

Our coverage won't stop there, as we will be providing you with player profiles on some players who could be sleepers this season or players who could breakout. Like last year, the Fake Teams fantasy baseball writers will provide you with the first baseman to target and the first baseman to avoid this season in a staff post on Friday.

Need a strategy on draft day? We have you covered there as well as several of our writers will address strategies all day Thursday. They will offer their thoughts on league specific and position specific strategies, as well as strategies that you should keep in mind for DFS leagues.

For the first time this season, I will be offering Tiered Rankings for each position. When drafting, I find that I group certain tiers of players, all in my head, in the same group. So, if player X is taken before my turn to draft, I know there are a few other players with the same skill set at the position, that I can grab when my turn comes. Hopefully the tiered rankings will help you do the same on draft day.

With all that said, this is the template for each week of our consensus position rankings series, and we look forward to interacting with you each day. We are here to share our knowledge with you with the hope that you can win your fantasy leagues in 2016.

Below you will find the schedule for First Base Week:













7:00 AM

State of the First Base Position (Brian)

Consensus 1B Ranks Part 2 -(Ray)

Top 20 First Base Prospect Rankings (Jason)

League-Specific Advantages (Jason)

AL-Only 1B Rankings (Ray)

10:00 AM

Consensus 1B Ranks Part 1 - (Ray)

Position Player Profile 4: Byung-ho Park (Daniel)

Prospect Profile 1: A.J. Reed (Michael)

Position Eligibility Advantages (Brian)

Staff First Base Target Post (Staff)

12:00 PM

Position Player Profile 1: Miguel Cabrera (Daniel)

Position Player Profile 5: Brandon Belt (Domenic)

Prospect Profile 2: Josh Bell (Domenic)

NL-Only 1B Rankings (Ray)

Staff First Base Avoid Post (Staff)

2:00 PM

Position Player Profile 2: Freddie Freeman (Jack)

Position Player Profile 6: Hanley Ramirez (Tim)

Prospect Profile 3: Domenic Smith (Matt)

DFS Advantages (Tim)

4:00 PM

Position Player Profile 3: Mitch Moreland (Heath)

Tiered First Base Rankings (Ray)