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FanDuel GPP Lineup Championship Round: Panthers Attack

Find a stack and trust it will work. See what Robert is using for one of his GPP lineups this weekend in hopes of ending the NFL season on a high note.

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With this being the last football DFS week for a long time, we need to end the season on a high note. With that, I am going with some big plays in hopes of pulling down the big win. Could this completely blow up in my face? Obviously this could, but hey it is the last time we are playing some NFL DFS in awhile. With that in mind, let's get right into the picks.

Cam Newton $8,500:

I see this game turning into a shootout. While both teams have good defenses, we are going to see a lot more scoring in this game than in Denver vs. New England. Newton didn't have a big week last week against Seattle, but that is because the game got out of hand early. That won't happen this week, as we will see a back and forth for all 60 minutes. Newton has the biggest upside at the position, so I am going to ride that.

David Johnson $8,000:

While he has been mortal the past few weeks, I expect a bounce back game this week against the Panthers. During the season the Panthers allowed 106 receptions to opposing RB's. That comes out to just over 6.5 receptions per game. We know how big of a threat Johnson is as a receiver out of the backfield, and I think the Panthers are about to find out as well.

C.J. Anderson $6,300:

Over his last three games Anderson has scored a TD in each, along with accumulating 80 or more total yards in each game. The Broncos know with Peyton Manning at QB that they need to run the ball to try and win. I think the 15 carries Anderson has seen each of the past two games is a good expectation for this game as well. As long as the Broncos find a way to get into the redzone, I think it will be a lock for Anderson to get a TD.

Michael Floyd $7,500:

With as many great receivers as the Cardinals have, I find it hard to think that Josh Norman will be on any one of the guys for a majority of the game. With that in mind, I will always go with the top talent to win out, and in this case it is Michael Floyd. Excluding that odd week 17 game versus the Seahawks, Floyd has been averaging 14.8 FanDuel points a game over the last 10 weeks. Of those 9 games, only twice did he fail to either score a TD, or reach 100 yards. Again I expect scoring in this game, and as we saw last week, Floyd is a tough guy to stop in the redzone.

Ted Ginn Jr. $6,200:

Has Ginn been bad the last two games? Yes he has only had one reception over that two game stretch, but don't forget about what he did before that. In the three games prior to that two game stretch he scored 2 TD's in each game, averaging just under 24 FanDuel points a game. I am banking on him scoring a couple of long TD's in this one, and I think that there is the chance against the Cardinals.

Corey Brown $5,300:

Yeah I am going with another big play Panther receiver here. Like I said, this will either go extremley well or just blow up in my face. While Brown hasn't had a big game in awhile, I think the Cardinals may forget about Brown once in this game, and that is all that is needed for Newton to connect with him for a long score.

Rob Gronkowski $8,900:

This is why I selected Corey Brown. I am now able to play Gronkowski, and hope he has another one of those big games like last week. Gronk!

Graham Gano $4,700:

Like I said before, I expect there to be a lot of scoring in this game, giving Gano plenty of chances to put up some big numbers.

New England Patriots $4,600:

When you have reached this stage of the playoffs, you have to find any small advantage possible to picking the defense to go with for DFS. This week I am going to pick on the weakest QB in Peyton Manning. Listen Manning has looked passible the last couple of weeks, but remeber this is the guy who threw 17 INT's during the regular season, and he only played in 17 games.