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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For the Championship Round

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for the Championship Round games this weekend.

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Enjoy it folks. This is sadly our last weekend to play football DFS until next season starts. This means we need to end the season on a good note here. What better way to do that then by crushing in all of your cash games. Since we have only two games this weekend, this leaves us limited in the amount of good cash game options you can feel are safe. This means I will have one or two guys per position for you only this week. With that, let's get right into those picks now.


Carson Palmer $7,700 - The good news is that it sounds like weather will not play a factor in this game. Check this again on Sunday, but if this is true, Palmer is the best QB play for cash games. You get to safe some salary by playing Palmer instead of Newton. In addition to that, you get a QB who is playing almost as well as Newton has played all year. The Panthers showed last week that while they can look great at times, when you focus on throwing the ball, and that only, you can start to pick apart that Carolina defense.

Running Backs:

Jonathan Stewart $7,000 - Is there any other player you can count on to get 20 or more touches on Sunday than Stewart? Not only that, but Stewart has also scored 9 TD's in his last 10 games. I think you can bank on Stewart accumulating roughly 100 yards and scoring a TD in this game.

C.J. Anderson $6,300 - Over his last three games Anderson has scored a TD in each, along with accumulating 80 or more total yards in each game. The Broncos know with Peyton Manning at QB that they need to run the ball to try and win. I think the 15 carries Anderson has seen each of the past two games is a good expectation for this game as well. As long as the Broncos find a way to get into the redzone, I think it will be a lock for Anderson to get a TD.

Wide Receivers:

Julian Edelman $7,800 - The clear cut top cash game receiver this week. Edelman came back and looked like his old self last week with 10 receptions for 100 yards. While the Broncos are a great pass defense, it is hard to contain someone as talented as Edelman is at making those tough catches.

Michael Floyd $7,500 - With as many great receivers as the Cardinals have, I find it hard to think that Josh Norman will be on any one of the guys for a majority of the game. With that in mind, I will always go with the top talent to win out, and in this case it is Michael Floyd. Excluding that odd week 17 game versus the Seahawks, Floyd has been averaging 14.8 FanDuel points a game over the last 10 weeks. Of those 9 games, only twice did he fail to either score a TD, or reach 100 yards. Consider him a safe play here.

Tight Ends:

Greg Olsen $7,000 - Going back to the well with this pick. During the season the Cardinals did have trouble trying to defend the Tight End position. As we saw last week, Newton will continue to look often for Olsen, as he is the one true safety net on this roster. I think a similar game to last week will be in order here.


Yeah not recommending one this week. With only four in play, and all at different costs, just use the one that fits in once the rest of your lineup is set.


New England Patriots $4,600 - When you have reached this stage of the playoffs, you have to find any small advantage possible to picking the defense to go with for DFS. This week I am going to pick on the weakest QB in Peyton Manning. Listen Manning has looked passible the last couple of weeks, but remeber this is the guy who threw 17 INT's during the regular season, and he only played in 17 games.