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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for January 22nd

1 deal at every position...

Justise Winslow is coming off a great game. Can he do it again tonight?
Justise Winslow is coming off a great game. Can he do it again tonight?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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Let's begin.

Shane Larkin, BKN, PG ($4000)

He's been underwhelming recently, but he put up 7 points and 7 assists last game. He was also given permission to jack up 10 shots - which means more could be coming... He's volatile, but dropped 17 only a handful of games ago. There is upside here. As his confidence rises, his stock could go with it...

Terrence Ross, TOR, SG ($3800)

Terrence's up and down production is very predictable in an unpredictable way. (Wait, what?) You're always guessing with T Ross, but he dropped 14 points and 4 3PM last game - playing 28 minutes. 5/9 from the field too. The game before? He shot a perfect 5/5 from the field with 12 points. He's been really solid 3 of the last 4 games, and that could mean a breakout is emerging.... It could also mean absolutely nothing. It is Terrence Ross, after all. For such a cheap price though, I'd roll with him if you need to save money tonight...

Justise Winslow, MIA, SF ($3700)

He's got the coolest first name in the league, but I find him very enigmatic in DFS. Injuries are giving him more run recently, and he's coming off perhaps his finest game as a pro (approached a triple double with 9 points, 6 boards, 6 assists). He's teased us before though, so the other Justice is far from a guarantee... Since Miami is banged up right now, I'm gonna take a risk here tonight. If you're in need of a bargain swing, plug him in.

John Henson, MIL, PF ($3800)

Henson is really hot & cold, but you gotta plug him in when he's right. One of the best block artists in the NBA (according to advanced stats), Henson is pretty much a lock for 2 blocks on any given night. When he plays significant minutes, he has 15 points/10 boards/5 blocks potential. It's all basically about minutes with this kid. No way to know how much time/usage he'll get day to day, but upside in the power forward slot is right here...

Steven Adams, OKC, C ($4300)

One of the safest value picks tonight, Adams is coming off a 10 & 10 double double. He's a pretty good bet to double double (or approach it) every night, so if you're not in need of a huge game, Steven is pretty safe. He won't win the night for you - but he won't lose it either. That's something. If you're more conservative, Adams is a good way to save some dough tonight...

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