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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for January 2nd

1 deal at every position...

Coming off a career high 29 points, what will T.J. Warren (left) do for an encore today?
Coming off a career high 29 points, what will T.J. Warren (left) do for an encore today?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The holidays have compromised my schedule - as I'm sure it has with many/all of you.

I am now back to publishing regularly though.

Don't hate, haters.

Let's begin.

T.J. McConnell, PHI, PG ($3700)

McConnell has basically been removed from the rotation with all the Philly PGs healthy and playing. He's basically produced nothing beyond beans for a couple weeks - until last game. Surprisingly, TJ came outta nowhere to grab 12 points on 5/6 shooting - with 4 rebounds, 7 assists and even a block! It's unlikely he repeats this performance today, but I think he'll get a longer look than usual. For the price, he's worth a flier. There is upside here.

Jamal Crawford, LAC, SG ($3800)

With age catching up to Jamal, he's been uncharacteristically inconsistent this season. Pretty terrible for most of December, good Crawford came back the last 3 games - averaging 19.0 PPG. As we are in uncharted territory here, it's difficult to predict Jamal Crawford's production game to game. For the price though, I think he's a strong DFS pick when he's on fire - like now. Could disappear at any moment, but he's hot right now... Plug him in.

T.J. Warren, PHX, SF ($4600)

Inconsistent lately, but coming off a career high 29 points with 3 3PM, 9 REB, 3 AST & 4 STL. Phoenix continues to do the strangest rotations with their wings in the NBA, but I gotta lean toward the 22-year old sophomore who just scored a career high in points. For $4600, you won't find more upside today.

Carl Landry, PHI, PF ($3500)

He's coming off a stinker (0 points in 8 minutes), but was on fire the previous 2 games. There are many reasons to stay away from Carl today, but I've got a hunch. He's a proven vet on a team with very few of them. He's a volatile asset, but if you are running low in the bucks department, consider Landry in your power forward slot. He's as likely to score 20 as to score nothing...

Kelly Olynyk, BOS, C ($4300)

The Kelly Olynyk Yo-Yo Reunion tour continues. When he's off, he scores nothing and gets no counting stats. When he's on (about every other game), he gets double doubles with 3PMs, steals and blocks. He's truly feast or famine, but I'm banking on a large post-holiday meal from Kelly Olynyk today. He was terrible last game - which usually means he'll be awesome today... Roll the dice on Olynyk if you need to save some dough on a center...

So that's 5 volatile deals for my first 2016 DFS article.

It's all downhill from here...