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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 17

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for Week 17.

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Had another great week last week here, so lets just keep that late season ball rolling. This will be the last regular season week for DFS. The good news though is that all 32 teams are playing on Sunday, so anybody you want to pick you can. You know the drill by now. I list my favorite cash game picks for Sunday below in the order that I like them in the position. Then I give you one of the cash game lineups that I am using out of a combination of the guys listed above. With that out of the way, let's get right into the picks.


Eli Manning ($7,500) - With a coach who may be playing for his job here, look for Manning to try and carry them to a victory. The Eagles are allowing the third most points to opposing QB's this year, and they just allowed Kirk Cousins to put up 32.2 points against them. Eli will have Beckham Jr. back for this game, which is huge for his value as we saw on Sunday night. Before that game, Eli was averaging 22.75 FanDuel points a game. Needless to say I think Manning will have no problems getting value for you at this low salary.

Sam Bradford ($6,700) - Yeah I am staying with the same game here. I said the Eagles have allowed the third most points to opposing QB's, but the Giants are allowing the second most points to opposing QB's. The salary is the bigger factor however in this selection. He only needs to put up 13.4 points to provide his value for you. That can easily happen, as I expect him to put up something like 300 yards, 2 TD's, and 1 INT. That puts him at 19 points. While it may seem like he should be a better play than Manning because of the salary relief you will get, I do trust Manning a little bit more than Bradford in this game, but they are close.

Running Backs:

Jeremy Langford ($4,900) - As long as Forte is ruled out by Sunday, Langford is my top option at RB this week. His salary is just too good to pass up if he is the starter for this game. His versatility out of the backfield will yield him at least 20 touches, with a great chance of scoring big points. The Lions defense has been about middle of the road defending the run this year. This means the skills of Langford will be able to shine against them. Again check to make sure Forte is ruled out, but I think he will be.

Devonta Freeman ($8,800) - Guess who gets to face the Saints defense this week. That is right the Falcons are the next team to tear apart the Saints defense. Freeman went through a rough stretch, but there is nothing like playing the Saints to get you back to looking your absolute best. The last time that Freeman faced the Saints he put up 31.6 points on them. While I don't think he will put up that much, I think something around 20 points should be almost assured in this matchup.

DeAngelo Williams ($8,200) - Since Le'Veon Bell has gotten hurt Williams has been an absolute stud. Over the last six games he has averaged 21.1 FanDuel points a game. The only slight problem with him is that the last time he faced the Browns he only managed 7.4 points, and that was while he was a starter. While I think he will easily outperform that number, it does cause him to be slightly lower than Freeman in my order.

Wide Receivers:

Odell Beckham Jr. ($8,900) - After having to sit out last Sunday night's game, Beckham Jr. can make his return. This couldn't be a better game for him to come back to. The Giants are facing the Eagles, a team that is allowing the most points to opposing receivers this year. In his last seven games he has averaged 23.7 FanDuel points a game. I think a baseline for Beckham in this game is around 7 receptions for 120 yards and at least 1 TD.

Julio Jones ($9,300) - You don't need me to tell you how good Julio Jones is, but his matchup I will talk about. Jones, just like Freeman from above, will benefit from facing the terrible Saints defense. This is a team that has been getting burned by offenses all year long, and that was no more evident then last week where the Jaguars scored at will against them. He isn't the top option out of the expensive receivers, but that is only because he is $400 more than Beckham, and you have to pick a tiebreaker somewhere.

Jeremy Maclin ($7,100) - Another guy who has been in a lot of my cash game articles recently. Maclin has been consistent as of late, scoring in four out of his last five games, with a total of 5 TD's. A TD should be assured for Maclin here, and the yardage will come with it as well with Alex Smith constantly looking his way in the passing game.

Eric Decker ($7,400) - So I have written about Decker in a lot of these articles, so I will keep it quick. He has been one of the most consistent receivers this year. 60 yards and a TD are practically in the bank for Decker just by walking onto the field. This week will be no different with the Jets needing to get a win in this game to lockup a playoff spot.

Jordan Matthews ($6,600) - I think that this will be a high scoring game, which means plenty of players from this game will perform well. Matthews is the best of the under $7000 receivers that I saw on FanDuel this week. The last two games for him have been great, as Bradford has been looking for him more often, with 14 receptions on 19 targets. With that amount of work he has been seeing, the results have also been there, as he has averaged just over 130 yards and a TD in both games. This week I think he has a good shot of reaching that 100 yard mark again, and has about a 50% chance of scoring a TD.

Tight Ends:

Rob Gronkowski ($8,100) - Just your weekly reminder that he is again the clear-cut top choice at the position yet again. If you have the cap to fit him in, don't hesitate and pull the trigger. Last time Gronk faced the Dolphins he put up 20.3 FanDuel points.

Zach Ertz ($5,700) - I think we are finally starting to witness the breakout of Zach Ertz. Over the last three games Ertz has 26 receptions for 298 yards and 1 TD. I expect that kind of production to continue this week facing the Giants, a team that is allowing the second most points to opposing TE's this year. A line of 80 yards and a TD should be in the bag for Ertz here.


Robbie Gould ($4,600) - He is near minimum price and is in an offense that is moving the ball well. Earlier in the year Gould was struggling with field goals, but he did make all four of his attempts in the last game. He is the guy I felt the most comfortable with in this price range.


Pittsburgh Steelers ($4,900) - With Johnny Manziel already ruled out, Austin Davis will step in as the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns in week 17. With the Browns having zero incentive to win, and the Steelers playing for a playoff spot, this is a perfect defense to take. Austin Davis is a below average QB, and that won't all of a sudden change. I expect some sacks and a few turnovers here, and would be shocked if the Browns score more than 14 points.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Eli Manning

RB: Devonta Freeman

RB: Jeremy Langford

WR: Odell Beckham Jr.

WR: Eric Decker

WR: Jeremy Maclin

TE: Zach Ertz

Kicker: Robbie Gould

Defense: Pittsburgh Steelers