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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for January 12th

1 deal at every position...

Steven Adams is worth rostering right now...
Steven Adams is worth rostering right now...
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The parties are over.

No more presents. No more champagne. No more decorations.

All that's left is the middle of winter.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Winter may be here, but that doesn't mean you have to give up on your DFS dreams.

Something's gotta keep you warm.

Try passion.

That was deep.

Let's begin.

Jose Calderon, NY, PG ($4400)

The aging Spaniard is no longer the player he was (best FT% in a single season!), but there is still value in the older Calderon. More steady than spectacular, Jose still brings value to the table. Last game, he ended up with 9 points on 3/5 shooting, 2 3PM, 7 AST, 4 REB & 3 STL. For the price, that will certainly help you.

Tony Allen, MEM, SG ($4300)

There's no other way to say it: Tony Allen has been terrible this season. With that said, Allen had something of a breakout game last game. First double double of the season. 15 points, 10 boards, 2 steals, 1 block. When Tony is right (and young), he can really fill up the stat sheet. This season, his numbers have taken a hit across the board. Now 34 years old, he has clearly lost a step. Still, he's hot right now - and he has a proven NBA track record. I wouldn't bank on him, but he's a modest bet for a modest price today...

C.J. Miles, IND, SF ($4200)

Forrest Gump's famous box of chocolates line applies here. Miles can score 40 or 4 on any given night. He has a pretty long leash, and it's not uncommon to see C.J. jack up 15/16 shots in a night. The question is how many he makes? When his shot is on, you've got 30 points and loads of counting stats. When he's not hitting, you've got the ugliest field goal % of the DFS night. Volatile but never boring, $4200 is a good price to find out which CJ will enter the building tonight?

Terrence Jones, HOU, PF ($4300)

Joining today's list of volatile DFS players is the enigmatic Terrence Jones. He should probably be an NBA superstar by now, but injuries and mental weakness have derailed his career. He's become a risky rotation player - instead of a reliable starter. He oscillates between starting and a bench role, and that seems to change each and every day. He has the kind of athletic upside to procure the best Fantasy stat lines of the night, but his minutes fluctuate so wildly, it's impossible to predict when those games happen... I firmly believe TJ will figure it all out one day. Not sure if that happens today though... Do you feel lucky?

Steven Adams, OKC, C ($4400)

Steven Adams just tied a career-high last game with 17 points. (That's his career-high? Really?) He also chipped in 10 boards, and shot a perfect 6/6 from the field. More known for his defensive prowess, it should be noted that Adams is shooting a beastly 59.9% from the field this season. He's been averaging 12.0 PPG and 7.6 REB the last 4 games, so it appears to be the perfect time to give Adams a whirl... Not tonnes of upside here, but pretty reliable right now.

So there's 5 guys who should help for bargain prices.

So turn on those Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps, and wake yourself up.

There's so much to do.



I'm talking to you.

Are you there?