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2016 Player Profiles

Shooting Arrows at the Padres Bullpen

Like the Mariners, Fernando Rodney's old team, the Padres had massive turnover in their bullpen this offseason, making for a lot of question marks from a fantasy perspective. Who closes if Rodney falters (again)?

Drew Storen, Roberto Osuna, and bullpen usage

Like so many teams these days, the Blue Jays have two closers in their bullpen, and they'll have to decide which one will be the primary save-getter.

Emerald City Gem: Taijuan Walker's Coming Breakout

Will Seattle's talented Taijuan Walker begin to fulfill lofty expectations in 2016? There are some encouraging signs.

Raisel Iglesias: Emerging Ace

Ray takes a closer look at Reds young starter Raisel Iglesias and opines that he could be a future ace in the big leagues.

Carlos Carrasco: Top 5 Starter in 2016?

Ray profiles Indians ace Carlos Carrasco and takes a look at whether her could be a top 5 starter in 2016.

Carlos Rodon's slightly scary walk rate

It's not that a pitcher can't succeed when he walks as many guys as Rodon did last year. But it makes it way harder.

Matt Harvey Checks All the Boxes

How high should we be on Harvey’s 2016?

Billy Hamilton: Part-time player in 2016?

Could Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton become a part time player in 2016? I think there is a chance. Heres is my reasoning.

AJ Pollock 2016 5x5 projection

What will the king of 2016 fantasy breakouts do next?

Mookie Mania: Betts Already a Top-Five Outfielder?

With fantasy stalwarts Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, and Giancarlo Stanton sure to be drafted early, could Mookie Betts be the next outfielder off the board?

George Springer: 30 HR, 20 SB threat

George Springer's power + speed combo makes him a valuable target early in fantasy drafts.

Corey Seager: The next Troy Tulowitzki?

Ray profiles Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager and thinks he will be in the conversation for the #1 fantasy shortstop this time next season.

Has Troy Tulowitzki entered a steep decline?

Carlos Correa 2016 5x5 projection

The man, the myth, the legend… profiles Carlos Correa

Xander Bogaerts, the second Manny Machado?

There is some overlap in the development between the two AL East infielders. Can Bogaerts see the leap that Machado saw?

Pablo Sandoval: Left Side, "Strong" Side?

Was 2015 an anomaly or a sign of things to come? Heath discusses the bounce-back potential for the Panda.

Moustakas' 2015: Career year or something new?

Did the Kansas City third baseman figure things out last year, or was the spike an unsustainable jump?

Miguel Sano is the next 40 HR hitter

You can expect lots and lots of ding dong Johnsons from Miguel Sano going forward.

Nick Castellanos: Post-hype breakout candidate

Some prospects take longer to produce at the big league level than others. Nick Castellanos is one of them.

Josh Donaldson is the #1 Third Baseman, Here's Why

With all the young upstarts around the league at the third base position, some folks are challenging the position that Donaldson is the best third basemen in fantasy baseball. I'm here to defend his #1 ranking.

Kris Bryant 2016 5x5 projection

Kris Bryant hits ball far.

Maikel Franco: The Forgotten One

Ray profiles Phillies third baseman Maikel Franco and opines that he could easily outperform his ADP in 2016.

Neil Walker’s Unconventional Path to Mini-Stardom

Rougned Odor's elite ceiling

The Texas second baseman was a monster in his return from AAA last season. If he can do that over a full season, there's no telling where he might end up.

Daniel Murphy: 20 HR second baseman?

Murph's power surge does not appear to be a fluke.

Hanley Ramirez in for a big rebound season?

Hanley Ramirez was bad in 2015, but there's legitimate hope for a bounce back year.

The Lingering Potential of Brandon Belt


Byung-ho Park's enormous error bars

The Korean arrival to Minnesota could be the league's best power hitter. He could get benched. If you think you know exactly what to expect, you're wrong.

Mitch Moreland Is For Real

Heath takes a look at Moreland's breakout 2015 and tells you why you should believe in 2016.

Freddie Freeman's 5x5 2016 breakdown

If hitting line drives is cool, consider Freddie Freeman Miles Davis.

Miguel Cabrera's changing batter profile

The Detroit star will always hit for average. But does he do everything he once did? The numbers say he might not.

2 explosive catchers that could be big bargains

These two potentially explosive catchers could be big draft day bargains.


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