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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 2

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for week 2.

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FanDuel: SB Nation One Day Fantasy Leagues

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Enter the $1,000,000 Week 2 Fantasy Football League

  • Starts 1pm Sunday, ends Monday
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  • Salary cap format - pick who you want

FanDuel/SB Nation Fantasy Football League: Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our FanDuel cash game advice. Last week the only player that was a let down was Owen Daniels. Other than him, everyone supplied something for you, and would have done well to get you in the top 50%. As we get further into the year, we start to see what defenses we can take advantage of. In addition to that, we can see which guys salaries are starting to decrease, and can try to figure out why. Maybe a Running Back was going up against some tough defenses for a few weeks, in which case that is when you pounce. That won't be the case for a few more weeks, for now though, it is taking advantage of players who haven't seen there salaries rise as high as it should yet.

Again these picks are geared toward cash games. One thing to remember with your cash game picks, is that you are not trying to be contrarian. If there is a guy who seems like he will be in a lot of lineups, don't shy away from him for that reason, do that in your big tournaments. I will give you a few options at positions, and then at the end say who I am going with for my main cash game lineup. Now how about we get into the picks. Players are listed by position, and then ordered by the ones I like most.


Drew Brees ($8,900) - We just saw Mariota tear the Bucs defense apart, and now it is Brees turn. Brees is on a decline right now in his career, but a home game against the Bucs will solve all problems. Expect 300 yards and 3 TD's as they air out the ball and do as they please to the Tampa defense.

Carson Palmer ($7,800) - If you need to cut down on some cap because you want someone like Gronkowski in your lineup, Palmer is your guy. Palmer is fully recovered from his injury, and looked good in week one. He doesn't have upside, but he is going to be a safe QB, which is what you need in cash games.

Running Backs:

Marshawn Lynch ($8,500) - The Packers were just gashed by Matt Forte, and now it is Lynch's turn. While his stats in the first week may not scream great, remember that he went up against a great Rams front seven. Lynch's stats look better now with that in mind, and gets the weaker Packers run defense. 100 Yards and at least one TD is likely here.

Justin Forsett ($7,800) - The Raiders defense looked bad last week against the Bengals. Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard had there way running and catching the ball out of the backfield. Forsett had a tough first week against the Chiefs, but expect a rebound performance here. Marc Trestman is his offensive coordinator, and wants to use Forsett like Forte out of the backfield. Getting those receptions helps boost his floor here, and against a weak run defense, makes for a nice cash game play.

Carlos Hyde ($7,000) - Wow I did not expect the Vikings defense to look so poor on Monday night. Now credit to Hyde for showing us the skills we loved last year, but that will probably be his best game all year. Even with the great performance though, his salary is still low, putting him directly in play here for cash games. I expect Hyde to put forth a solid effort here, and has a decent chance of scoring.

Two cheap options in order that I would use them if needed, Danny Woodhead ($6,200) and Ameer Abdullah ($6,400).

Wide Receivers:

Brandin Cooks ($7,400) - Cooks and Brees should be the combo you are playing in DFS. He may not of scored a TD last week, but he is a safe play at a nice salary, against a terrible defense. He should rack up the receptions here, and has a great shot of finding the endzone as well. Use him in all of your cash game lineups.

Antonio Brown (9,300) - Brown will almost always be in consideration for cash games here. He is as consistent as they come, the trouble is finding the space to fit him in your lineup. If you have the cap room, don't think twice.

A.J. Green ($8,100) - This price is just staring me down right now. How can I resist such a good price for an elite receiver? Sure Eifert stole the show last week, but Green should have had a TD. Factor in the Bengals got up big early, and there was no reason for them to continue feeding Green. That should change this week against a better Chargers team. If you can't find the room for Brown, Green is a nice cheaper alternative.

Jordan Matthews ($7,000) - Got off to a slow start last week, but so did the entire Eagles offense. Once Sam Bradford looked comfortable, Matthews was heavily involved. Yes his dropped pass on the last drive that turned into an interception killed, but that won't have any effect on him this week.. Expect him to once again be heavily involved in the gameplan.

Terrance Williams ($6,300) - With the Dez Bryant injury, he is now the number one guy. If you saw my WR rankings this week, you would have noticed I have Williams in my top 20. Normally Williams would be a tournament play, but with no Dez, he will see at least 10 targets a game, and with that will come 6 receptions 80 yards and good chance at a TD. A nice cost effective play for you.

Tight Ends:

Austin Seferian-Jenkins ($4,500) - This price is just too good to pass up. Whether Mike Evans plays or not, never will you find a guy who just put up the numbers he did at the minimum. THey are going to have to throw the football against the Saints, and remember garbage time all counts for the same. He should be able to come out of this game with a TD, and that alone will justify his salary.

Rob Gronkowski ($8,300) - Gronk is always in consideration, like Antonio Brown. I won't be using him this week because of the bargain price Jenkins is going for. If you don't trust Seferian-Jenkins this week, then Gronk is your guy.


Rams Defense ($4,900) - Kirk Cousins and the Redskins. Do I need to say more? Okay fine I will continue. Russell Wilson was just sacked 6 times by the Rams, and the Seahawks offensive line is better, and Wilson is a better QB. Rams will put up points for you.


Zach Hocker ($4,500) - Minimum price, and in what should be a high scoring game for the Saints. Use in all lineups.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Drew Brees ($8,900)

RB: Marshawn Lynch ($8,500)

RB: Danny Woodhead ($6,200)

WR: Brandin Cooks ($7,400)

WR: Jordan Matthews ($7,000)

WR: A.J. Green ($8,100)

TE: Austin Seferian-Jenkins ($4,500)

DEF: Rams Defense ($4,900)

Kicker: Zach Hocker ($4,500)