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SB Nation Fantasy Mailbag - Boom or Bust, and Keepers Galore!

You've got questions, we got answers. We've got you covered for all your fantasy needs.

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Week 3 of the pre-season is in the books, and so it's crunch time for fantasy draft season. This week we'll cover a nice Boom/Bust question, and a few keeper questions sent to SB Nation. If you have a burning fantasy football question, send it in to us at, or hit us up on Twitter @NFLClark.or @FakeTeams.

@conservative333 asks: I can keep 1 of Miller, Cooks, Tannehill in .5 PPR QB Flex at same cost. I draft 5th in QB heavy league. Who to keep?

Great question here and a tough one. First, with a QB flex league, if you're tossing Tannehill back and run the risk of trotting out Josh McCown or Kirk Cousins as your flex, I'd have to hang on to Tannehill. I think Miami continues their fast paced, quick hitting offense. With Tannehill steadily improving year over year, and the array of weapons at his disposal coming in to 2015, Tannehill has a fine fantasy season this year, easily a top ten QB. I have to assume you only have 1 keeper in this league, leaving you plenty of room to pick up a couple of solid quarterbacks at some point in the draft, so I toss Tannehill back.

This leaves Lamar Miller and Brandin Cooks in a .5 PPR league. Many folks that I respect disagree here, but I cannot get behind Lamar Miller. Miller has increased his carries each year (from 51 in his rookie season, to 216 last year), and he rushed for an impressive 5.1 yards per carry, adding 38 receptions on 52 targets in 2014. However, Miami has done everything it can to avoid giving Miller a full workload in his first 3 years in the league. That trend seemed to continue in the 2015 Draft with Boise State's Jay Ajayi, a back that looked great coming in to the NFL Draft. Ajayi appears hampered by injury thus far in 2015, and not much of a threat to steal touches early in the season. Still, I have that nagging feeling about Miller.

I'd go with Cooks here. Cooks is first up in the ‘well Drew Brees has to throw it to someone' rotation. While I try not to get too excited about pre-season, the off-season drumbeat has been steady for Cooks, and he's shown us what you'd expect from a second year breakout. I do not think that New Orleans will transform to a power rushing team in one season, and with Drew Brees still playing at the top of his game, why would they? Cooks offers a speed and agility combo that makes him a threat anywhere he lines up. Maybe I am just enamored with the new, shiny object, but I'll take my chances on Brandin Cooks this year.

@Torch02 asks: 10 team standard league: Newton in the 9th or Charles Johnson in the 16th?

I'll base this answer on what I've seen from my ‘home league' drafts so far. Even though quarterbacks generally go well above their ADP and where I would draft them, everyone, including myself, seems to be down on Cam this year. The Carolina Panthers passing game was already suspect before the loss of Kelvin Benjamin. Now, Greg Olsen and dinged up rookie Devin Funchess are expected to shoulder the load in the receiving game. This has folks scared, and Cam's value is plummeting. If you want Cam, you'll likely be able to pick him at or around the 9th round.

Take Charles Johnson here. He developed a nice rapport with Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater in 2014. I think Norv Turner continues to improve the Vikings offense, and oh yeah, Adrian Peterson is back. While I'm trying to curb my enthusiasm for Minnesota this year, I don't know how defenses will account for Peterson, Mike Wallace, and Charles Johnson. Since you will absolutely not get Johnson in the 16th, keep him.

@_roronoazoro asks: 1st ppr draft hoping I could get a grade from da oracle since he's got me top 3 in all my baseball leagues

This is a classic Rob Gronkowski lineup. As I look down from the QB, to the running backs, to the receivers, I think, boy, you're really weak at running back. Then I see it. The great, majestic, cure-all week-to-week winner in all his glory, GRONK SMASH is filling that TE spot.

You'll have some work to do on the waiver wire, or wheelin' and dealin' with trades to try and get some help at RB. Otherwise, you're looking strong.

And now, my favorite question for the mailbag this week.

@sleandres asks: Nelson Agholor boom or bust?

Boom baby! Then I checked his ADP, and I see that he's going in front of some of my favorites like John Brown, Steve Smith, and Mike Wallace.

The Eagles offense is amazing, making stars out of the likes of Nick Foles and Riley Cooper. I think Agholor steps in and starts, if not week 1 certainly before the close of the first quarter of the season. The only problem here is that at his current ADP of 5.12 (according to I'd have to pass on Nelson if some of my later wide receiver targets were still available. But, if he falls, even just a little, or he's one of your guys (remember, it's your team, draft who YOU want)... BOOM BABY!