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SB Nation Mailbag; Fantasy Keepers and Trade Help

Dipping in to the mailbag today. Keepers, Sleeper, oh my!

Ellington loves those TDs
Ellington loves those TDs
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We head in to week 3 of the preseason, and dip in to ye-ole SB Nation mailbag for a few questions from our readers. Keepers? Sleepers? Even kickers, send those questions to me @NFLClark on Twitter or

First up, @jquiles3 tweets: Trade question, I send Keenan Allen for Andre Ellington, PPR. My WRs are strong but I need RB help.

You're giving a good receiver with warts, for a good running back with warts. Running backs always seem harder to come by, so I'd take the shot on Ellington. I'm not worried about David and Chris Johnson. Ellington is the best back among the three, and I wouldn't really mind if Ellington cedes ten hard-nosed wear-down-the-defense runs a game.

Ellington had plenty of usable weeks before injuries shortened his 2014 season. He's reportedly healthy now, and he has the tools to be great. If he returns to his 2013 form, and can manage 15-20 touches a game (that is the big ‘if' with Andre), I don't see how he finishes outside RB12.

Next, @sllimgallant asks: Need to pick 2 from these guys: White, Colston, Ingram, Stewart, Latavius Murray, Andre Williams, Floyd, Ball?

I assume that the ‘cost' for keeping these guys is all the same, and that keepers can be kept just for the 2015 season. With that in mind, I think you keep Mark Ingram and Latavius Murray here. Both these guys are solid RB2s with a chance to sneak in to the back end of RB1 territory.

Ingram is slated to be the lead back in New Orleans. We've seen Coach Sean Peyton and his New Orleans Saints support a couple of start-worthy backs before, so I'm not worried about CJ Spiller. The Saints will not completely transform to a run heavy team, but I do expect they'll return to their high-scoring ways, plenty of runs included. Ingram should have plenty of touchdown upside if nothing else.

I think Murray offers the highest upside for keeper two. Murray has blazing speed and only has to out-perform Trent Richardson and Roy Helu to see the majority of the running back touches. I think Oakland takes a step forward on offense this year. While I don't expect the Raiders will be great, I can see them winning six or seven games this year. That bodes well for the starting back.

The fear with Murray is that he runs very upright. We've seen Murray suffer from his style early in his career already with concussion and leg injury.

Honorable mention goes to Jonathan Stewart. He goes third here because he has quite the injury history. Oh, and, Stewart will have to share his goal line chances with Mike Tolbert and Cam Newton.