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2016 Free Agents: Third Basemen

How is your keeper or dynasty hot corner situation looking?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

For the fourth installment of this series, we are looking at third base.  The following third basemen can reach free agency at the conclusion of the 2015 season.  Players that were previously covered are not reviewed in this piece.  For example, go back to the first base edition of this series to read about Chris Davis.


Mike Aviles (35)


Gordon Beckham (29)


David Freese (33)


Maicer Izturis (35) - $3MM club option with a $1MM buyout


Casey McGehee (32)


Aramis Ramirez (38)


Juan Uribe (37)

Long story short, your third base situation is likely safe going into next season, in regards to free agency impacting your team.  As is customary, first we will mention the men who do not impact the fake game: Mike Aviles, Gordon Beckham, David Freese, Maicer Izturis, and Casey McGehee are not owned in anything but the deepest of leagues.  If they are a serious part of one of your teams, I am envious of your dedication to fantasy, and pity your current situation.

Aramis Ramirez's fantasy production has been nonexistent this year, but if you are desperate enough for playing time, he may be your man.  His .253 average as a Pirate is decent, but there is nothing else to his game anymore.  An 87 wRC+ this season says it all, you just don't want to own him anymore.  So Aramis, I speak for all fantasy owners when I say this, you can take your $147,885,000.00 career earnings off our collective rosters, we are all too rich for your blood.

Lastly, is Juan Uribe. I've used this term before, but Uribe is fantasy spackle.  I wouldn't rule out him having a solid end of the season, but from what I'm seeing he's a pretty average guy at this point, perhaps less.  His exit velocity is very average, his hard, medium, and soft hit rates are boring, and his line drives are in a downward trend.  A .278 babip is low, but when you aren't hitting the ball hard, you shouldn't expect to get a huge number of hits on those batted balls.

Since this is definitely the least exciting list of the season, I'll review some of the upcoming prospects who may be on their way to the bigs next season.  The pickings are equally slim in regards to high minor prospects.  Joey Gallo, Richie Shaffer, Eric Jagielo, Colin Moran, and Renanto Nunez are the men who could potentially be up next season and have some value.  If you do not know these young men, I'll let you in on a secret, none of these prospects have an opening at third base on their own team.  Gallo is the all powerful third basemen, but you likely know that.  Schaffer is another nice power hitter with big swing and miss issues.  Jagielo was having a breakout year and then went down for the year with a knee injury.  Colin Moran is a polished hitter, he's from my hometown of Rye, NY, and I can tell you for sure, he hits.  Renato Nunez has nice power, and not so nice everything else.

The future is a mystery, positions switches are always a possibility, and trades will happen.  As said earlier, in all likelihood, your fantasy team is not experiencing any change at the hot corner this year, but