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SB Nation Fantasy Football Mailbag

You've got questions, we have answers.

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This week we got a couple of great question from our SB Nation readers. If you have something you want to ask us, shoot us an e-mail to, hit us up on Twitter @FakeTeams or tweet me @NFLClark.

SB Nation reader Steve asks:

In continual rolling list waiver wire leagues, (leagues where you only move down in waiver priority if you make a waiver wire add), is it better to ‘save' your waiver priority, or is it better to ignore your waiver priority and just take what you can get when you can get it?

Last year, Justin Forsett was a hot week 1 waiver add. In retrospect, I'd have taken Forsett every chance I had. Last year, when Montee Ball went down with an injury, Ronnie Hillman was a hot waiver add. In retrospect, I would have much rather saved my waiver priority to pick up CJ Anderson a few weeks later.

The great Matt Waldman of and the Rookie Scouting Portfolio (@MattWaldman on Twitter, a must follow) says, and I agree, that your fantasy season is a mix of the draft, waiver wire adds, trades, and starting an optimal lineup. If you have access to last year's draft, look at all those busts! Look at your team at the end of the year versus when you drafted. Your team probably looks a lot different. Making savvy waiver adds and trading were likely the key to your success or failure.

So if you're thinking ‘should I save it or use it' when it comes to waiver priority, you should really be thinking ‘is this guy going to help me win my league or not'. If you think you can get a guy that will make a difference, use that waiver claim. If you're not really excited, if you're not convinced that guy is the real deal, pass on him and move up the ladder.

@henderson_mitch asks:

Need to keep 2: Matt Forte in the 1st, Rob Gronkowski in the 2nd, Eddie Lacy in the 2nd, Jeremy Hill in the 9th, Kelvin Benjamin in the 11th, and DeAndre Hopkins in the 12th.

First of all, nice job Mitch! Having this many good options for your keepers is always a great problem to have. To the task at hand, in all formats and leagues, Jeremy Hill in the 9th is a must. The Bengals will be fairly potent on offense this year, and Hill is coming off of an impressive rookie campaign. The Bengals didn't make any significant coaching or offensive line changes, and Hill is expected to get most of the heavy lifting and goal-line work. Even though Hill will cede some touches to Giovani Bernard, Hill has a great RB2 floor with plenty of RB1 upside.

For your second keeper, who can you get in the first round? If you can pick Gronk in the first, keep Lacy in the 2nd. If you can get a stud, top five running back in the first, keep Gronk in the 2nd. If you make me pick with no new information, I'll keep Gronk in the 2nd. Gronk gives you such an edge at tight end that he is worthy of an early first round pick.

Benjamin, and more so Hopkins, are great values in the 11th and 12th respectively. If your league values wide receivers highly (as in point per reception or leagues where you start 3-4 wide receivers), I wouldn't talk you out of keeping Hopkins. Hopkins is the only weapon the Texans have, and I expect he'll have a big year in 2015.