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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball (DFS) picks for Wednesday, July 29: Jon Lester, Clayton Kershaw, Anthony Rizzo, more

I list 3 options from the early game and 3 options from the late game that a fantasy owner can consider today.

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day, and check the weather to make sure your players won't get rained out of their game.


Pitcher: Jon Lester ($9,500) vs Colorado Rockies

The Rockies strike out 23.5% of the time vs LHP, 4th highest in baseball, and they have an abominable 67 wRC+ vs LHP, 2nd worst. Their .093 ISO vs LHP is dead last. They've also just traded one of their biggest lefty mashers, Troy Tulowitzki. Lester's opposition is Eddie Butler, so he should receive solid run support to be in position for the 4 point win.

Cubs lefties vs Eddie Butler

Butler has a career 6.25 FIP/.433 wOBA vs LHB, some of the worst marks in the game. Obviously, some of that is inflated because of Coors Field, but those numbers are hideous regardless. Specifically:

1B- Anthony Rizzo ($3,100)

After voicing concerns about Rizzo's fantasy value this offseason, I am now the president of the Anthony Rizzo fan club. He's a monster with his approximate .400 OBP and ability to hit for power without sacrificing contact skills. While Rizzo has been slumping in July, he has still hit RHP to a 140 wRC+/.247 ISO this year and is one of the best hitters in baseball. A matchup with Butler is a good way to get Rizzo going again.

2B- Jason Kipnis ($3,700) vs Jeremy Guthrie

Kipnis has hit RHP to an elite 182 wRC+ with a .176 ISO this year. Guthrie owns a hideous 5.68 FIP/.398 wOBA vs LHB this year. Kipnis bats leadoff, giving him further cracks at production.


Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw ($13,300) vs Oakland A's

I'm not in love with this matchup because Oakland has the 2nd lowest K% vs LHP on the year, but they probably haven't faced too many lefties like Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw's 34% K% is highest in the game, and some of Oakland's key hitters are LHB, including Stephen Vogt and Josh Reddick (although Josh Phegley's emergence vs LHP has largely neutralized the loss of Vogt). They just traded Ben Zobrist, arguably their best RHB. Oakland plays in Dodger Stadium, where they will have to bat their pitchers, giving Kershaw more room for K's. The Dodgers offense is also the #1 team vs RHP, improving chances for run support. I would rather pay for safety with the P slot and find value with underpriced hitters than risk a blowup start from a lower priced P.

1B- Lucas Duda ($2,400) vs Tyson Ross

Lucas Duda has been mired in a miserable slump since getting HBP on the knee on May 31, but I think he's too talented of a player for this to continue. He's already shown signs of breaking out, launching 3 dingers in his last 3 games and is among the top performers in exit velocity in the month of July. I have seen Duda hit missiles right at fielders all month, and suspect this is partially why his numbers haven't come back up yet. Duda is one of those underpriced hitters that can help a fantasy owner fit an expensive pitcher into their lineup. Tyson Ross is a very good pitcher, but the Padres have a vile defense that will help Duda's batted balls find holes.

3B- Matt Carpenter ($2,700) vs Anthony DeSclafani

Carpenter has been in a massive slump, but I like gambling on good players in slumps because slumps can create value. Good baseball players bounce back from slumps, and unless there is strong reason to believe they won't, squeezing out extra value from slumping good players who have had their prices tank can help put together a stronger overall lineup. Carpenter has still hit RHP to a strong 139 wRC+/.182 ISO this year despite the slump and bats at the top of the lineup. He faces a RHP with a career 4.87 FIP/.352 wOBA combo vs LHB.

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