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Top 50 Running Back Ranks, PPR Scoring

This list is a quick reference for those who want to target the right PPR running back in redraft leagues.

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1) Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings - The cyborg is back and will be running with a vengeance. Trust his productive history. OC Norv Turner has said they plan to dial up his receptions this season to boot.

2) Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs - JC from KC is about as reliable as they come. His dual threat ability is second to none. Alex Smith might have Maclin now, but JC will still end the season with more receiving touchdowns than him. Alex Smith won't throw it deep.

3) Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers - He might have had a rocky start to last season but he finished as an elite dual threat running back. He's never going to see a stacked box with Rodgers and co. stretching the field.

4) Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers - He'd be my number one if not for his suspension. If it gets reduced to one game, I can see him climbing to 1st overall in my rankings.

5) C.J. Anderson, Denver Broncos - If you were burned by Ball last season don't let that keep you from making the gamble again this season on a Denver RB. It will pay off.

6) Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks - Beast Mode. 'Nough said.

7) Arian Foster, Houston Texans - He might be out a few games again this season, but when he's healthy his stat lines are inconceivable.

8) Matt Forte, Chicago Bears - With Trestman gone expect his receptions to be cut in half, but he'll still be a bell cow.

9) DeMarco Murray, Philadelphia Eagles - The Dallas offensive line may have helped Murray have a legendary previous season, but don't doubt his abilities. He proved he can stay healthy too.

10) LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills - Under OC Roman he will be lucky to net 30 receptions, but his touches could get into the 400ish range.

11) Justin Forsett, Baltimore Ravens - With OC Trestman in Baltimore I can easily see Forsett snagging 75ish receptions. Don't freak about his age, his legs are about as fresh as they come with his minimal use since entering the NFL.

12) Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals - If Gio wasn't in the picture he'd be a top three RB. With that being said, he could easily lead all RBs in TDs this season and he can catch too. The other downside is the Bengals are facing some tough run defenses this season.

13) Frank Gore, Indianapolis Colts - This will be Gore's best season, statistically speaking, of his career. There is gas left in his tank and Luck is a shot of Nitrous.

14) C.J. Spiller, New Orleans Saints - Taking the combined place of Sproles, Thomas, and Graham, he could easily have the most receptions of any RB this season.

15) Mark Ingram, New Orleans Saints - He is in a very similar situation to Hill. Spiller will take a lot of his receptions, but he could score hella TDs and he also can catch too. There's enough offensive love in New Orleans for both backs to have stellar seasons.

16) Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers - He might be a glass cannon but you can't deny what he did last season once healthy. With Williams gone and only Cam and Tolbert to threaten his TD potential, I'm predicting his best season yet.

17) Andre Ellington, Arizona Cardinals - Even banged up last season he was incredibly productive. Take advantage of many owners still sour about him not living up to their draft expectations last season.

18) Giovani Bernard, Cincinnati Bengals - He is electric enough to be a quality RB2 in PPR leagues, and unquestioningly a RB3 or flex. He'll still get his.

19) Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins - If the Dolphins have so much confidence in Miller why is he always in a timeshare and why did they draft Ajayi? Don't buy the hype. This is the right RB ranking.

20) Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers - Although he will get goal-line looks, Gordon isn't going to catch many passes with Woodhead healthy.

21) Joseph Randle, Dallas Cowboys - As long as the Cowboys don't pick up another RB before the season begins, Randle will easily live up to this ranking. Actually, I'm probably too low on him.

22) Latavius Murray, Oakland Raiders - With Helu and Richardson stealing touches I'm not as high on Murray as other writers. There's potential, but I think last season was a little too Dough Martin via rookie year for my taste.

23) T.J. Yeldon, Jacksonville Jaguars - "He's going to be a bell cow." "He's a three-down back." Stop me if you've heard this Jaguar hype before last season with Gerhart. Don't overspend!

24) Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions - Bell is overrated and Riddick is a gimmick. Abdullah is the real deal. He's not ranked any higher because he won't steal the lion's share of touches right away.

25) Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams - It wouldn't shock me to see him be slowly acclimated into the backfield. In redraft leagues his value is shady, but in dynasty or keeper leagues he's the boss.

26) Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins - I love Alf. I really do. But this is PPR folks, not standard.

27) Carlos Hyde, San Francisco 49ers - I actually want to rank Hyde lower than this. He doesn't catch passes and the 49ers are going to be terrible this season. I actually think Bush could have a better season if he stays healthy in PPR formats.

28) Danny Woodhead, San Diego Chargers - Probably the most underrated PPR RB in the NFL. Take advantage of his value and draft him often.

29) Tevin Coleman, Atlanta Falcons - I see more of a 50/50 split with Freeman. Both will hurt each other's value.

30) Joique Bell, Detroit Lions - He's about one touch away from falling apart. His YPC is terrible too.

31) LaGarrette Blount, New England Patriots - Belichick isn't trustworthy enough to rank Blount higher, but this ranking is probably too low. Blount could blow the roof off of TDs this season. He's not any higher though because of his suspension and inability to catch passes.

32) Rashad Jennings, New York Giants - Jennings is a stud but with Vereen and Williams to split touches with he's a gamble.

33) Shane Vereen, New York Giants - See above.

34) Darren McFadden, Dallas Cowboys - *rolls eyes* but have to see the value here if it's a perfect storm.

35) Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons - See Tevin Coleman.

36) Duke Johnson, Cleveland Browns - It's going to be another RBBC in Cleveland this season but Duke should be catching the most passes.

37) Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - There's a lot of positive signs coming out of Tampa about Martin but can you really trust him after his last two seasons?

38) Reggie Bush, San Francisco 49ers - If he can stay healthy, and if the 49ers are throwing as much as I think they will be from falling behind in games, I think this is probably too low on Bush.

39) Chris Ivory, New York Jets - Ivory. Ridley. Powell. Stacy. Throw a dart.

40) Tre Mason, St. Louis Rams - If Gurley is brought along slowly then Mason has some real value. That's a big "If" though.

41) Ryan Mathews, Philadelphia Eagles - Murray is going to dominate the touches in Philly, with Sproles snaking some receptions. The sloppy thirds will be for Mathews but his real value is if Murray gets hurt.

42) Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins - If his knee holds up then he might be the best RB sleeper in the draft. Jerry Jones and co. might cry themselves to sleep for not drafting him at the many opportunities they had to do so.

43) Bishop Sankey, Tennessee Titans - If you watched him last season you know he is basically bad, but there's not much competition outside of Cobb for touches.

44) Isaiah Crowell, Cleveland Browns - He will be boom or bust and is very TD dependent.

45) Roy Helu, Oakland Raiders - He is actually very productive but if he had elite RB skills then we'd have seen them by now.

46) Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles - He'll take some catches from Murray and throw you a bone every now and then.

47) David Cobb, Tennessee Titans - He could easily end up with the most touches by the end of the season. He still plays for the Titans anemic offense though.

48) James White, New England Patriots - Someone is replacing Vereen.

49) Travaris Cadet, New England Patriots - See above. He would be my vote but his blocking skills are subpar.

50) Buck Allen, Baltimore Ravens - If Forsett goes down the Allen is going to blow up in Trestman's offense. He can catch balls like a BOSS.