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Top 50 Running Back Ranks, Standard Scoring

I go through running backs 1 - 50 and tell you why you should, or maybe shouldn't draft that running back this year.

Don't sleep on AP this year.
Don't sleep on AP this year.
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Top 50 Running Back Ranks - Standard Scoring

The offseason, a football drought the likes of which we've not seen in nearly a full year. Coaches, players and even some of our favorite analysts are taking some well-deserved time off. But, the degenerates, we ramp-up for the 2015 Fantasy Draft Season. Whether you go running back early and often (like me) or firmly believe in seizing WR/QB/TE studs early, if you take the right guy when you pick, you'll win. Below I'll rank my top 50 running backs in standard scoring leagues in the order that I would draft them.

Tier ‘Top nine players off the board'

1 - Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

Peterson is my top back in my top tier. If I am picking first in the first round (1.01), this will be the easiest pick in the draft for me. This year's 1.01 (first round.first pick) will be hotly debated throughout the pre-season and for good reason. One can tell themselves a variety of stories that make sense for how the upcoming NFL season will go for these stud running backs, but the fun thing about doing rankings is that you have to decide. So, I'll take my chances with AP.

Peterson is back after a year off from football. While he is a year older, I imagine he is well rested and injury free. Adrian will share the backfield with the best quarterback he's had since playing with Brett Favre, and he's playing for offensive coordinator Norv Turner, a guy who knows a thing or two about riding a workhorse back.

With Pederson, you have to ask which narrative you buy in to. Is Adrian Peterson a mere mortal, thirty-two year old running back who is going to the 20th best scoring offense in the NFL, helmed by unproven, second year quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater? Or, is he Adrian Peterson, freak of nature who rushed for two thousand plus yards the season after shredding his knee in a playoff game? I'll be in the Adrian Peterson, freak of nature, and hall of famer, bandwagon for at least one more year.

2- Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

Speaking of freak of nature Hall of Fame running backs with age and injury concerns, Jamaal Charles is the number two running back in my top tier. Last year, Charles finished as RB7, playing in fifteen games. He finished the season poorly, scoring a combined 19.2 points in his last three starts. Charles was likely a main factor in you making your fantasy playoffs, and the main culprit in your early playoff exit.

Charles was the only game in town in KC. Everyone knew it. If you go back and watch game film from last year, Charles is running against stacked boxes all game. This year, Jamaal will get some help as the Chiefs add Jeremy Maclin, and every fantasy fan is hoping that Travis Kelce takes a big jump forward in 2015. The much maligned Alex Smith, the guy that never throws deep, will be taking the field in the most stable environment he's seen in his eleven years in the league.  If the added weapons on offense can make opposing defenses play even moderately honest, Charles will have a field day.

3 - Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers

Lacy is coming off of a strong sophomore season and will, again, be playing for one of the best offenses in football. While there are many mouths to feed in Green Bay, and Coach Mike McCarthy takes care not to burn Lacy out early in the season, Eddie just has too much talent to be taken off the field too often.

Green Bay scored the most points on offense in the NFL last year. Aaron Rodgers is in his prime and the Packers O looks amazing (as long they are not playing the Seahawks). I can't pass up the touchdown potential here with Lacy. If his role continues to grow, and the Packers are in more competitive games late, Lacy could easily take top RB honors.

4 - Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers

All the hype with Le'Veon Bell is warranted. Silky smooth, it looks like he's at half speed while everyone else is sprinting. Bell reminds me of last year's RB5 in standard leagues, Arian Foster. In 2014, Le'Veon Bell finished with an amazing 18 points per game average, bested only by Arian Foster with 18.1, and DeMarco Murray with 19.0. And while he's expected to miss three games due to a suspension, if that three games turns in to a one gamer, Bell will hop up to RB1 for me.

The days of the Steel Curtain are behind us. Pittsburgh will have to rely on the offense to carry the load in 2015. If the Steelers end up in a lot of shootouts, Bell will benefit tremendously. Ben Roethlisberger tossing passes to Antonio Brown and an impressive cast of receivers will keep defenses honest, and there is no coming off the field on passing downs for Bell. The Steelers are quite aware of what they have in Bell, and they have no problems riding a workhorse back. Bell could end up besting his eleven touchdowns even playing in fewer games.

5 - Arian Foster, Houston Texans

I keep thinking I should tag this pick as a homer selection, and maybe that is true. Full disclosure, I grew up an Oilers fan and have now embraced the Texans as ‘my team'.

Foster haters have solid arguments for why Arian's production will finally fall off this year. Foster will be 29 when the 2015 season gets under way, and Foster has been a 300+ touch back several times in his career. He's has had some nagging leg injuries lately to boot. He'll suit up for the Texans this year, a team struggling to find a competent quarterback.

However, Foster is in a similar position to Jamaal Charles last year. Foster will be the focal point of the Texans offense, and everyone knows it. While he'll no doubt face stacked fronts, this is nothing new for Foster. Arian has shown the ability to be a reliable and productive back despite poor quarterback play. I'm willing to take a shot here on Foster for at least one more year.

6 - CJ Anderson, Denver Broncos

This rank is a little bit Gary Kubiak, a little bit aging Peyton, a heaping side of Cecil Lammey (@CecilLammey, a must follow on the Twitter), and a main course of watching Anderson's tape from last year. Once the Broncos finally handed the ball over to CJ full time, he put up six, twenty plus point scores out of eight games (along with a 19.8 point effort).

I don't think that Peyton is ready to ride off in to the sunset, but I do feel that the Broncos will be firmly committed to running the ball in 2015. Gary Kubiak has a well-earned reputation for old school, pound the rock football, and we know that Kubiak's running backs can post top 5 seasons.

Opposing defenses will be forced to pick their poison by either stacking the box, or keeping their safeties back to help out with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Even if you think Peyton's arm is shot, last year, while injured, he showed that he can still hit DT and Emmanuel on those short crossers for big yardage. With Anderson's ability to block and provide a relief valve out of the backfield, I have a hard time betting against CJ as this year's RB1.

7 - Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn coming in at number seven in my rankings says more about what I think of this year's running back depth than what I think about Lynch's talent. Lynch is one of the most entertaining running backs in the league. As the NFL moves to running back committees stocked with quick twitch water-bugs on passing downs and plodding oafs for first and second down work, Marshawn reminds us that there is still immense value in being able to rely on one guy.

The Seahawks are one of the few teams that feel really good about calling a run on 3rd and 7 (insert Super Bowl comment here) for good reason. With Jimmy Graham coming to town, and Russell Wilson continuing to improve his already impressive game, Lynch may actually see the occasional favorable front to run against.

Like the early years of Ben Roethlisberger with the Steelers, I see the ‘Hawks putting more and more on Wilson's plate. If the Seahawks see an uptick in overall offensive production, Lynch is a near lock to finish in the top 5 for running backs for the third year in a row.

8 - Matt Forte, Chicago Bears

Once again, I am likely way too low on Forte. For the past 3 years I've looked at my Forte rank and berated myself for being too low on a guy that can do it all on a team that will demand it from him. The uncertainty in Chicago is my lame excuse this year.

What if Cutler really has worn out his welcome with the Bears? What if John Fox comes in and tries to force Forte to run exclusively between the tackles?

Please ignore this rank and draft Matt Forte early this year. And, Mr. Forte, please forgive me.

9 - DeMarco Murray, Philadelphia Eagles

Murray was an absolute beast behind a very talented offensive line last year. He moves to the Eagles, a team that loves to run, and a team that runs more total plays than anyone in the league. While he'll be sharing the workload with talented back-field mates, there is so much production to go around with Chip Kelly's offensive scheme.

Last year was Murray's healthiest season yet, and his injury history is my lone concern with drafting Murray in the first round. However, the potential fantasy gold-mine that is the Philadelphia Eagles offense is too good to pass on. DeMarco marks the end of my top tier of running backs. These nine backs would have to be off the board before I would consider taking a receiver or Gronk.

Tier ‘Once Rob Gronkowski and my top tier wide receivers are gone, let's get back to picking running backs'

10 - Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals

Last year, Jeremy Hill was the one worthwhile rookie running back, or he was that jerk that completely ruined your Giovani Bernard stock. The Bengals have talent all over the field, so opposing defenses can't throw nine guys in the box. While Hill will cede some touches to Bernard, Hill will clearly be the lead back and majority shareholder in the committee.

I expect the Bengals to do just about what they did last year, like they have done for the last several years, they will win nine or ten games, finish about middle of the pack in scoring and defense, and then bow out in the first round of the playoffs. Hill should give you reliable, consistent production even if he doesn't quite have that top 5RB potential.

11 - Frank Gore, Indianapolis Colts

Gore moves east, away from the toxic 49ers, and to a team that should be an offensive juggernaut in 2015. Frank joins the Colts who are already stocked at talent everywhere except in the backfield. With TY Hilton, Andre Johnson, Phillip Dorsett, Donte Moncrief, Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener, there is no shortage of talented pass catchers in Indy. There will surely be significant competition for receptions, but Gore should get all the rushing work he can handle.

Mr. Gore will play this season at age 32. You'll have to ask yourself: was Gore's performance last year a product of the chaos that was the 49ers, or a sign that he has indeed begun to significantly decline? I'll take my chances on Gore rebounding to put up at least a decent year for a team that is expected to put up beaucoup points.

12 - Justin Forsett, Baltimore Ravens

Forsett finally got his shot last year, and he proved worthy. Under Kubiak, Forsett looked very comfortable running the zone scheme, catching balls out of the backfield, and doing all the things we expect from a workhorse back.

This year, with Mark Trestman as the new offensive coordinator and a glut at the receiver position, Baltimore will need Forsett to have a banner year. The Ravens are not flush at wide receiver and so I expect Forsett to help in the passing game. Last year, under Trestman, Matt Forte caught over one hundred passes. While I don't think Forsett will top a hundred receptions this year, I do think he'll get close. With Forsett clearly the lead back and no established red-zone threats, we could see a lot of rushing touchdowns from the Ravens this year.

13 - Andre Ellington, Arizona Cardinals

I was all in on the Cardinals last year. Ellington was poised to break out and the Cards looked tough. Unfortunately, the injury gods were not kind to Bruce Arians and his team. Ellington was plagued by a foot injury most of the year, and while he gutted it out for a few weeks, he eventually had to shut it down.

I'm buying the Cardinals again this year. Ellington has unbelievable burst and agility when healthy, and Palmer looks great in Arians' system. The Cards drafted David Johnson but I expect Ellington will win a camp battle at running back. If the Cardinals can stay healthy, they will produce plenty of fantasy points. Ellington has the skills to make his mark on the league this year, he just has to stay healthy.

14 - Mark Ingram, New Orleans Saints

The Saints and Seahawks shocked the NFL world when they exchanged Jimmy Graham and Max Unger this offseason. That trade was the first of many moves and countless articles showing that the Saints want to run the ball more this year. New Orleans will likely run more, but I think Drew Brees and Sean Payton will still throw a ton and put up plenty of points.

Ingram showed last year that he is capable when he's running angry. If you believe the Saints get back on track offensively this year, Ingram is in line for the lion's share of goal-line and early down work. CJ Spiller is a real threat and a major concern for me. But, the feature back role is his to lose so I'll give him the nod here.

15 - LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills

While I'm down on McCoy, if he happens to take a huge slide on draft day, I'll stop the bleeding here. McCoy was drafted top three in nearly every draft last year for good reason. He ended up getting over three hundred carries on a team that scored the third most points in the league, finishing as RB11.

Clearly I have my concerns with McCoy. He was pedestrian in one of the league's highest scoring offenses, and he goes to a team coached by Rex Ryan. The Bills have not named a starting quarterback yet, any success they have this year will come from a stout defense and a running game. Ryan's run and play defense philosophy bodes well for the opportunity McCoy will see, and I expect he'll again be near the top of the league in touches. Opportunity correlates highly with scoring.

Tier ‘This is why you pick running backs early'

16 - Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins

Miller is the lead running back for an up-tempo offense. He'll play with an improving, young quarterback that can run, and teams will have to respect the Miami receiving corps. Miller was serviceable in 2014 in a similar situation to what he'll see this year, finishing as RB9.

Miller never really got a big workload until the end of the season. In weeks sixteen and seventeen, two high scoring home games for the Dolphins, Miller had 38 carries, 270 rushing yards, and two rushing touchdowns. If you believe those games were a sign of things to come, Miller is your guy. If, like me, you think Miller will end up backing up Jay Ajayi by week six, you'll love seeing Miller come off the board at his current ADP of 3.11 (as of July 9th).

17 - Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers

There will always be a few folks in your draft that will take a chance on the devil they don't know. We see this with rookies every year. Instead of picking someone safe like Alfred Morris or Rashad Jennings, someone will take a shot on the new guy.

Gordon is one of the most productive college backs drafted this year, he was drafted sixteenth overall, and his team traded up for him. Gordon goes to an offense with an established, talented quarterback with nice complimentary weapons. It is easy to see why someone is going to take a chance and draft Gordon a little early.

IF you pass on Gordon it's likely because he's another Wisconsin Badgers running back that had huge production, Danny Woodhead will play a big role in the passing game, and San Diego was middle of the pack in points scored in 2014. I'll take a shot on the rookie if he falls a little past his current ADP of 3.02.

18 - Johnathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers

DeAngelo Williams is backing up Lev Bell in Pittsburgh, and Stewart closed the 2014 season with some very strong performances. Stewart has had a tough time staying healthy throughout his career, and he may not get many chances to score those on those goal to go touches.

If he does stay healthy, he's shown he can be very productive.

19 - Alfred Morris, Washington

Washington can't be as bad as they were last year, right? Morris is a solid running back, at least good enough to fight off Matt Jones. The big worries in Washington are: will Robert Griffin III do anything this year, and will they score any points?

You could do worse than picking Alf here. If Washington does pull it together, he'll be in line for plenty of the heavy lifting.

20 - TJ Yeldon, Jacksonville Jaguars

I believe in TJ's ability, and he's already been named the starter. The big concern here is will the Jags score enough for Yeldon to ever get in to the end zone? The Jaguars were just awful last year with rookie quarterback Blake Bortles. Jacksonville does have some nice young talent, though, and if Bortles can improve in his sophomore season, Yeldon may end up being a steady, if not spectacular producer.

21 - Joseph Randle, Dallas Cowboys

There is no way this ranking will end up right. Randle will either have a huge year, or finish well outside the top 25 running backs. Randle will get first crack behind the Cowboys solid offensive line, and Romo and Dez cannot be taken lightly.

It's hard to stake much on a player with so little tape, but this is the kind of guy you'll be taking swings at if you go wide receiver early. Good luck.

22 - Chris Ivory, New York Jets

Sigmund Bloom once said something to the effect of, ‘Chris Ivory is what we'd have if Marshawn Lynch was human'. If Chan Gailey can inject some life in to the post-Rex-Ryan Jets, Ivory could be in line for a huge season. The question is can he stay on the field, and do you want to bet on Geno Smith?

23 - Joique Bell, Detroit Lions

Bell has all kinds of red flags. He's coming off a string of leg injuries, he'll be 29 when the season kicks off, and the Lions spent some nice draft capitol on a running back that looks amazing.

However, Bell should enter the season as the starter, and barring injury, will likely hang on to short yardage and goal line work even if Ameer Abdullah hits the ground running. Bell has a shot to have a big year on a Lion's offense that is still explosive. But, if things don't go well for him, he might end up as an occasional flex play with his touchdown potential.

24 - Isaiah Crowell, Cleveland Browns

Crowell is in a similar situation as Joique Bell, perhaps in line to lose work from a running back very similar to Ameer Abdullah in Miami standout Duke Johnson. I was really high on Crowell last year and think he's the best big back the Browns have. The concern here is that I am also really high on Duke.

The Browns offense was horrible last year, and I do not see them taking a big step forward. Cleveland will look to win games by running and playing solid defense. If Crowell can cement at least early down work, he'll be a solid play.

25 - Latavius Murray, Oakland Raiders

Murray had a huge game in prime time, Thursday Night Football, against the Chiefs last year. But, he also played in several other games and looked terrible. He is a tall back and he looks tall when he's running. This may be at least partially why he's always fighting injury.

The Raiders were awful last year, but they are adding some nice pieces through the draft. Murray has great top end speed, and it looks like he'll get the initial nod to lead the Raiders runners. You're betting on Oakland to be at least serviceable if you pick Murray, so I will likely pass.

26 - Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Martin had a huge rookie season and a tough go at it since. Last year he handed in a couple of good games for the worst team in the NFL. The Bucs picked up a Jameis Winston at the 1.01 IRL draft but did nothing to address their running back woes. I think Martin will have the first shot at the starting gig, and we've seen him blow up before. If his rookie year wasn't the anomally, you'll end up getting good value with Martin who's currently coming off the board at 6.12.

Tier ‘Let's take a few shots on guys that, if things break right, can end up in the top 20'

27 - CJ Spiller, New Orleans Saints

Spiller isn't too far removed from having one of the most remarkable seasons we've seen in the NFL. He moves down to New Orleans this year, where he is slated as ‘the passing downs' running back. While there may be plenty of production in that role alone, there is also the possibility that, like last year, Ingram could miss a few games. Spiller has a chance to seize the starting role if Ingram falters, and then the sky's the limit.

28 - LeGarrette Blount, New England Patriots

If we just knew who would get the touches in New England, they'd easily be inside my top 20. Since we don't, I feel like I have to wait a while before I take Blount. If Blount does secure the starting gig, he could end up being Corey Dillon 2.0. He could also get cut in camp.

29 - Reggie Bush, San Francisco 49ers

Carlos Hyde didn't do enough last year to think he's the unquestionable starter and workhorse in San Fran. Bush had several nagging injuries last year, one of the very reasonable knocks against him. He returns to a natural surface and goes to a team that is in need of some pop offensively. I can tell myself the story, Bush stays healthy, flashes in the passing game, supplants Hyde and has another banner year.

30 - Giovani Bernard, Cincinnati Bengals

Bernard began last year as the go-to guy in Cincy. He was overtaken as the starter by impressive rookie Jeremy Hill. While Hill will get the majority of the work, there should still be plenty of room for a dynamic athlete like Gio to carve out a niche and do some damage. There will be some weeks when slotting Bernard as your flex will pay off for you.

31 - Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions

As much as I like Joique Bell to have a nice 2015 season, Abdullah is a talented, second round selection. The big fears with Abdullah are that he may be pegged as a third down guy, and is he big enough to hold up in the pros?

This is a prime RB zero candidate, but you may have to wait a few weeks for him to find his way in the NFL (or for Joique to get hurt).

32 - Ryan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles

If you're worried about DeMarco Murray getting hurt, you're targeting Matthews later in the draft. Matthews has looked like a top 20 back when he's been able to stay healthy, and he joins an Eagles squad expected to once again put up a boatload of points and yards. Matthews could end up getting a nice slice of that pie, maybe even being worthy of a flex play with Murray and Sproles healthy.

33 - Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams

Gurley went tenth overall in this year's NFL draft. We don't know if Gurley will start the season on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, or be the week 1 starter. When he does play, he'll be playing for the Rams, unfortunately.

The Rams offense finished twentieth in offensive points scored, tied with the Minnesota Vikings. But, we know Jeff Fisher will commit to the run, and he'll commit to riding one guy. If Gurley plays early, he could end up getting true workhorse touches, perhaps rush for a thousand yards the hard way.

34 - Carlos Hyde, San Francisco 49ers

The Niners spent a 2014 second round pick on Hyde, and many have him penciled in as the starter and early down back. San Francisco signed Reggie Bush in free agency, and so I think this is one of the more interesting camp and preseason battles we'll see. While I like Bush, if either runner distinguishes themselves, or if there is an injury, running alongside Colin Kaepernick is a pretty nice gig.

35 - Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins

I might have a touch of the rookie fever here, but Ajayi looks great on his college tape. He's big and quick, and he looked the best player on the field at Boise State. The Bill Lazor offense needs a runner that get can get downhill and work his way through traffic. Miller will undoubtedly get the nod to start week 1, but Ajayi will have a chance to play. I think he turns that chance in to a starting role early in the season.

36 - Duke Johnson, Cleveland Browns

The Browns were a mess last year, but I'd say they outperformed expectations. The Browns backfield, was also a mess. Isaiah Crowell joined the Browns as an undrafted free agent and eventually played well enough to unseat rookie third round selection Terrance West. Cleveland drafted Duke Johnson in the third round this year, further muddying the waters.

The real battle will be between Johnson and Crowell. Crow looked amazing at times last year, and Johnson's college tape looks equally brilliant. If McCown can stabilize the quarterback position, do enough to not lose games for the Browns, the backfield and offensive line should be able to keep Cleveland in a lot of games. Johnson has a real shot at winning that starting job, or carving out playing time as a third down back, so he is worth a shot late.

Tier ‘Who knows, this guy might possibly, maybe, kinda be good this year'

37 - Tevin Coleman / Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons

If you say that listing two players is cheating, I don't care, and this is my article. One of these runners will have a good shot at solid production with Kyle Shanahan as offensive coordinator. Atlanta's offensive line is still sub-par but a new head coach and OC could get things moving in the right direction. This is one of those situations where the later you're drafting the better. If I had to pick now, I'd bet on Freeman, but, I don't have to pick now.

38 - Shane Vereen, New York Giants

I'm looking to take shots with the Giant's offense this year as I think they'll be putting up yards and points in the second year with Ben McAdoo. Eli closed the year strong, and that Odell Beckham guy looks pretty good. A murky backfield means value will be had somewhere, I'll stake my early claim on Vereen showing the best out of this group.

39 - Montee Ball, Denver Broncos

I'm not a believer in handcuffs, but the way ADP is shaping up, I'd really like to pick up Montee Ball in the 10th or 11th round if I take CJ Anderson early. Kubiak has shown that you don't have to be the best back in the world to be productive with him.

While I am wild about CJ, he has only done it for half a season. Locking down the fertile Denver backfield for a first and a tenth, I'll take.

40 - Bishop Sankey, Tennessee Titans

Bishop Sankey had a rough 2014, to put it lightly. David Cobb could come in and rule the roost, but Sankey was selected in the second round, Cobb in the fifth. A second round pick will usually buy you a couple shots at the starter role.

Let's not forget how terrible the Titans were last year. Perhaps Marcus Mariota can buoy the running game enough to help a running back get a thousand yards and seven touchdowns? It's hard to bet on the Titans, but in the 10th round, you could do worse.

41 - Rashad Jennings, New York Giants

After a decent showing in 2014, he's the odds on favorite to start in New York in 2015. I like the Giants offense this year, so getting a key piece late in the draft is always on my mind.

Jennings will have to compete with and share touches with Ryan Williams and Shane Vereen. But, of these three backs, Jennings has done the most to show he can carry the load.

Tier ‘We're really taking shots in the dark at this point, but...'

42 - Danny Woodhead, San Diego Chargers

Woodhead is a favorite of mine, and he's a favorite of Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers as well. Woodhead broke his leg in 2014 and ended up missing most of the season. In 2013, he had over a thousand total yards and eight combined rushing and receiving touchdowns. While the Chargers picked Melvin Gordon 16th overall in the 2015 draft, Woodhead has a unique roll that can withstand playing with a workhorse back. If you're picking Woodhead here, you'll get a solid flex play for several weeks.

43 - Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles

Sproles started 2014 with a bang, putting up a 14 point and 23 point effort weeks one and two respectively. He never really got in to a rhythm after that. With Ryan Mathews for DeMarco Murray should afford Chip Kelly the freedom to use Sproles in the Sproles role instead of holding him back as a hedge against injury. He still has the quicks and drive to excel in a hi-tempo, let's-exploit-the-mismatch offense.

44 - Roy Helu, Oakland Raiders

The Raiders added some weapons over the past couple of years, but they are still playing in a tough division. They are also still not a very good football team.

Helu joined Oakland this offseason and I think he'll slide right in to the passing downs back role. With Oakland expected to be behind a lot, Helu should see a lot of snaps. Opportunity, even in a bad offense, can get you a few productive weeks.

45 - Cameron Artis-Payne, Carolina Panthers

If you're worried about Johnathan Stewart holding up for sixteen games, you might take a shot on his backup late. Carolina likes to run the ball, and yes, we've seen the Panthers happy to play running back by committee. If Stewart goes down, though, I think they'd give the rookie a shot to take over as their RB1.

Artis-Payne will have the same limited upside as JStew with Cam Newton and Mike Tolbert vulturing goal-line scores, but if things break right, he'll have a chance to be productive.

Tier 'Oh, I didn't know we were still drafting'

46 - Andre Williams, New York Giants

This is another shot at getting some Giants offense. Williams showed some flashes during his rookie year, and the does not have insurmountable competition ahead of him. He can win the lion's share of the rushing duties with a big pre-season or inherit the role with a shaky Rashad Jennings penciled in as RB1, for now.

47 - DeAngelo Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers

This pick is specifically for the Le'Veon Bell owner, or the owner that wants to be a jerk to the Le'Veon Bell owner. I expect Williams will get three weeks as the starter for the Steelers, then see highly limited action behind Bell.

48 - Tre Mason, St. Louis Rams

This pick is for the Gurley owner, or again, for the drafter that wants to mess with the Gurley owner. Mason's value will be much higher if Gurley starts the year on the PUP, but here in early July, the jury is still out on that one. Mason is a capable back and plays for a coach that will pound the rock.

49 - Jonas Gray, New England Patriots

If you really like headaches and posting zeroes on game day, I have a piece of the New England backfield you may be interested in. Gray looked great at times last year, he also ended up in the dog-house and plays for one of the most unpredictable coaches in the NFL. The Patriots high scoring potential may prove too juicy to pass on, though, and Gray could do a lot of heavy lifting in 2015.

50 - Darren McFadden, Dallas Cowboys

Why not, right? McFadden has a long list of knocks and he's earned them. But, if he gets a crack at twenty carries a week in Dallas, I think he'll give you a few good games before breaking down. Who knows, Randle may struggle and allow McFadden a shot to come in and everyone. This late, you're just looking for any story you can tell yourself that sounds good, this one sounds alright to me.

Who is ranked way too high? Too low? Why am I wrong about that guy? Hit me up on Twitter, @NFLClark.