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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball (DFS) Picks for Tuesday, June 30: Carlos Correa, Shin Soo Choo, Jose Altuve, more

I list 3 salary relief options and 4 more expensive options for today's game.

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day, and check the weather to make sure your players won't get rained out of their game.

Salary relief plays

Pitcher: Danny Salazar vs Tampa Bay Rays, $8,900

Playing the high strikeout but sometimes inefficient Salazar is usually a risk, but that risk today has a lot of upside. The Rays have the 6th highest K% vs RHP at 21.5% and a mediocre 97 wRC+. Salazar's 30.4% K% is elite; it's 5th best in baseball, slightly behind Max Scherzer. Combining Salazar's ability to generate Ks with the fact that the Rays are prone to Ks from RHP amplifies Salazar's chances at turning in a high strikeout outing, which is important for FanDuel scoring. Salazar also provides huge salary relief to fit some appealing but expensive hitters into lineups.

OF- Shin Soo Choo vs Miguel Gonzalez, $2,400

Choo has been a player who has hit into some tough luck most of the season (his quality of contact rates have been excellent against RHP), and he's still managed to turn in significantly above average numbers vs them. Choo has a 127 wRC+/.193 ISO vs RHP this year, and that is without factoring in his big night at the plate last night (the stats haven't been updated at the time this post was written). Excluding last year where Choo played through multiple injuries that crippled his performance, he's always hit RHP at an elite level. The value at this price is strong.

OF- Andre Ethier vs Rubby de la Rosa, $2,200

It feels like I'm constantly writing Ethier into my recommendations but his price is usually so appealing that leaving him out isn't such a good idea. Ethier is hitting RHP to a 133 wRC+/.217 ISO this year (excluding his home run from last night), which is consistent with his career line, and he's priced at the minimum. He gets a big park upgrade in Chase Field, and faces a RHP with a 5.71 FIP vs LHB this year (4.57 career).

Expensive plays

Playing an Ethier, Choo and Salazar allows a fantasy owner to fit higher priced batters into their lineup. These are three batters that you will want to strongly consider using:

2B- Jose Altuve vs Danny Duffy, $4,300

Since making a swing change last year, Altuve has been among the best performers vs LHP (165 wRC+ in 265 PA, 10th best) and his stolen base threat makes him even more valuable. Altuve's hamstring was barking not too long ago, but he's looked fine on the base paths. Duffy has a poor 4.51 career FIP vs RHB with it at 4.80 this year.

SS- Carlos Correa vs Danny Duffy, $4,100

Everything on Correa at the MLB level is a small sample size, but he's been among the best performers in exit velocity since being called up. Correa has 24 batted balls recorded at 100+ mph off the bat since his call up, best in the majors. In a small sample of 42 PA, he's hit LHP to a 169 wRC+ and .317 ISO. Correa might be the next guy to enter the Trout tier, and that's not an exaggeration.

3B- Josh Donaldson vs Eduardo Rodriguez, $4,100

I have Rodriguez in my yearly league and despite my love for him, there's no way I'm starting him today against the Blue Jays, who murder LHP. Josh Donaldson is a big reason for that; in 442 PA dating back to the start of 2013, he's hit LHP to a 188 wRC+ and .322 ISO, 2nd best only to Giancarlo Stanton. The matchup is in Rogers Centre, a hitter's haven, and Donaldson's price has come down from where it was earlier in the year.

Pitcher- Chris Sale vs. Cardinals, $11,300

The Cardinals have the 4th highest K% (24%) and 23rd worst wRC+ (89) vs LHP, and Sale's greatness doesn't need any analysis. There is something to be said for an American League pitcher throwing in a National League park, too. This matchup is awesome, and a fantasy owner can squeeze Sale into their budget by playing Ethier and Choo in the OF slots.

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