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Top 10 PPR Fantasy Quarterback List

Here is a look at Tyler Baddick's top 10 fantasy Quarterback list. Do your research and win your fantasy league this season!

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Quarterback is the most well known position in football. Every football fan knows this. But do not make this position a top priority heading into this years drafts with the position much deeper than most years. There is a bunch of values in the later rounds at this position. My top 10 list will be graded off of the player’s offensive system, last year statistics, team schedule, and the ability they have at the QB position.

1. Aaron Rodgers-  With all the weapons and offensive scheme, Rodgers is my number 1 at the QB position. With a deep play threat in Jordy Nelson, the best slot receiver in Randall Cobb, and a solid receiving RB in Eddie Lacy, the sky is the limit for Aaron Rodgers as a fantasy player. The Packers will still continue to air the ball out with Coach McCarthy having a pass happy coaching style. Aaron Rodgers will continue to shine and be in the talks for MVP once again this upcoming season.

Draft Projection- Late 2nd to Early 3rd round pick.

2.  Andrew Luck- The only reason that Andrew Luck is behind Aaron Rodgers is because the weapons are more effective in Green Bay than Indy. Luck will continue to put up huge fantasy numbers week to week especially with the addition of Andre Johnson to compliment WR TY Hilton. Andrew also shows solid amount of ability to run the ball as well which could lead fantasy owners to some rushing touchdowns as well. With Luck’s great passing ability and decent running ability, Luck should be right there in points with Aaron Rodgers.

Draft Projection- Early 3rd round pick.

3. Russell Wilson- Russell Wilson had tremendous value last year being a later round pick and finishing top 5 in points for fantasy Quarterbacks. But heading into this year, Wilson is no longer a secret for fantasy football. With excellent passing and rushing ability, and the addition of Jimmy Graham; Russell Wilson should easily be a top 5 fantasy quarterback this season as well. The main reason that Luck and Rodgers rank higher is because the amount of times Seattle looks to run the ball. But fantasy owners should be pleased with Russell Wilson this year just like last year.

Draft Projection- Mid 4th round pick.

4. Peyton Manning- People will continue to question Peyton’s age and Kubiak’s running scheme coming to Denver, but do not be fooled by all of this. Peyton is still going to be an elite fantasy QB just like every single year. Also with the whole offseason to get fully healthy, Peyton will be 100% healthy when the season starts. There will also still be plenty of explosive plays in Denver with the play-action that Kubiak loves. Look for Peyton to take plenty of deep shots down the field like he has always done.

Draft Projection- Late 4th round pick.

5. Tony Romo- All of the fantasy reports I have seen have Romo very undervalued in my opinion. The Cowboys are still going to try and be a run first team but look for Romo to improve fantasy wise with the departure of Demarco Murray. Especially once the team gets into the red zone, fantasy owners should expect at least one goal-line fade or back-shoulder throw by Romo to Dez. This was very common last season and will be seen even more with Demarco Murray no longer there and these throws to Dez being pretty much impossible to cover. Romo will have tremendous value with how late he is being drafted as well. People have Romo as a 8th or 9th round pick, if fantasy owners get him there then that could be the steal of the draft.

Draft Projection- Early 6th round pick.

6. Ben Roethlisberger- With a couple monster games last season, Big Ben certainly helped out fantasy owners. I expect another huge season by Ben with his weapons and the amount of times the Steelers look to throw the ball. With Antonio Brown being a top 5 WR and once Bell returns from suspension, there should be a good amount of points on that scoreboard by the Pittsburg Steelers. Big Ben also has great value with him being drafted decently far down. This is one of the guys fantasy owners will want to keep an eye on with the amount of value Ben will bring to the table.

Draft Projection- Late 6th round pick.

7. Drew Brees- Once possibly the best fantasy QB option, Drew has dropped down on my list a good amount. The Saints have resigned Mark Ingram and signed FA CJ Spiller which means the Saints will look to run the ball more than in the past. Also the departure of Jimmy Graham hurts Drew’s value tremendously. Drew will still get plenty of pass attempts, but do not overvalue Drew Bree’s with the amount of value he has lost this offseason.

Draft Projection- Mid to Late 7th round pick.

8. Eli Manning- Many fantasy experts have Eli outside the top 10 but I think differently. With Victor Cruz expected to be ready and Odell Beckham returning for his 2nd NFL season, that is a great weapon combination for Eli Manning. Eli is also in his contract Eli is also in his contract year and will be looking to have an even better year than he did last season. I expect big things from Eli Manning and all fantasy owners might want to have the same mindset as well. Eli will have tremendous value with many projections having him outside on the outside of the 10th round.

Draft Projection- Early 9th round pick.

9. Cam Newton- Cam has been inconsistent fantasy wise majority of his young career so far. But with excellent running ability and having 2 solid targets in Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen, I have to put Cam in my top 10 list. Cam will look to be more consistent for fantasy owners and should have a decent amount of huge fantasy games. Cam has great value as well and isn't as much of a risk with how late he is looking to being drafted.

Draft Projection- Late 9th round pick.

10. Matt Ryan- Another very inconsistent fantasy QB, Matt will look to improve on a pretty disappointing year last season. With a great weapon combination in Julio Jones and Roddy White, Matt could have one of the highest ceilings out of any fantasy QB. Also with how low he is being drafted, Ryan has great value with not much of a risk. Look to draft another solid fantasy QB as well in the later rounds just in case Matt Ryan’s inconsistent play continues.

Draft Projection- Late 9th round pick.