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A Way Too Early 2016 Dynasty Rookie Draft

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Brian Creagh takes an early look at ranking the recently draft MLB rookies.

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In approximately 6 months, we’ll be knee deep in prospect rankings and setting up or own Rookie Draft boards. With the MLB draft recently completed, I figured I’d take a first stab in assembling my rookie rankings. This board doesn’t but too much emphasis on signability; however, I’ll revisist this list once all signings are official and we have a better idea of who is going to spend 2016 as a professional player. I provide a blurb on my Top 12 to simulate the 1st Round of a standard dynasty league draft. Feel free to drop a question in the comments or e-mail me ( or reach out on Twitter (@BrianCreagh) to discuss more.

  1. Brendan Rogers, COL — SS: Has the best pop of any of the top three SS selections (Rogers, Swanson, Bregman) and resides in Colorado to boot. He’s also the only high school bat of the three giving him a little more of a ceiling and a more leeway in development.
  2. Kyle Tucker, HOU — OF: The best hit/power tool combo of all hitters in the draft. Tucker has a bright fantasy future ahead of him.
  3. Garrett Whitley, TB — OF: The toolsiest high school bat in the draft, Whitley’s ceiling is one of the highest in the class. Had a chance to go 1.1 in the draft.
  4. Dansby Swanson, ARI — SS: A very safe fantasy pick, but lacks upside. Polished and could move quickly, Swanson will likely stick at SS and give a solid hit tool.
  5. Alex Bregman, HOU — SS: More of an across-the-board type, Bregman doesn’t have a big hit, power, or speed tool, but he’s at least average at all three. A middle infield prospect with a big pedigree is a nice dynasty investment.
  6. Ian Happ, CHC — OF: My faith in the Cubs draft selection process and the fact that Happ should move quickly is what puts him high on my board. He seems safe while also mixing an interesting combo of speed and pop.
  7. Carson Fulmer, CHW — RHP: My favorite pitcher in the draft, Fulmer has frontline potential and can rack up K’s. Ahead of Tate only because he’s further along in development and appears a little safer.
  8. Dillon Tate, TEX — RHP: A risky pick but the biggest upside of any pitcher in the draft. A huge fastball and slider gives him a safe bullpen floor, but he needs a third pitch to establish himself as a future starter.
  9. Walker Buehler, LAD — RHP: I love this kid. He slipped in the draft and his size gives some scouts concern. I think he’s going to shove and be a steal for the Dodgers.
  10. D.J. Stewart, BAL — OF: Another bat with major pop and the potential to be an impact fantasy player.
  11. Tyler Stephenson, CIN — C: Could get a bump due to position scarcity, but Stephenson’s raw power is what makes him an intersting fantasy prospect.
  12. Kyle Funkhauser, LAD — RHP: Slipped due to major control issues, but the raw stuff is elite and worth a gamble in the tail end of a first round rookie draft.
  13. Daz Cameron, HOU — OF
  14. Trenton Clark, MIL — OF
  15. Cornelius Randolph, PHI — SS
  16. Andrew Benitendi, BOS — OF
  17. Nick Plummer, STL — OF
  18. Kolby Allard, ATL — LHP
  19. Beau Burrows, DET — RHP
  20. Chris Betts, TB — C
  21. James Kaprielian, NYY — RHP
  22. David Thompson, NYM — 3B
  23. Kevin Newman, PIT — SS
  24. Austin Smith, SD — RHP
  25. Mike Nikorak, COL — RHP
  26. Nathan Kirby, MIL — LHP
  27. Justin Hooper, MIL — LHP
  28. Ashe Russell, KC — RHP
  29. Richie Martin, OAK — SS
  30. Brendon Sanger, LAA — OF
  31. Donnie Dewees, CHC — 2B
  32. Ronnie Jebavy, SF — OF