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Cubs to promote Kyle Schwarber: Fantasy impact

The Cubs announced that they will promote catching prospect Kyle Schwarber. Here is the fantasy impact.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Cubs beat reporter Jesse Rogers reported that the Cubs will promote catching prospect Kyle Schwarber:

So, Schwarber will serve as their designated hitter while the Cubs play a home and home four game series with the Indians and three games vs the Twins in Minnesota. Cubs President Theo Epstein stated that Schwarber will then be sent down to AAA after the three game series with the Twins, no matter how well he performs with the big league club.

Famous last words.

Schwarber certainly deserved a promotion of some sorts, either to AAA or the big leagues, as he is crushing AA pitching to the tune of .318-.439-.578 with 13 home runs, 38 runs scored and 39 RBI in just 238 plate appearances. He is walking almost as much as he is striking out, so he has solid plate discipline to go along with the impressive power. One look at his 191 wRC+ and that is all you need to know about what kind of hitter he has been this season.

He may be sent to AAA after the series in Minnesota, but don't be surprised to see him up later in the year to play left field. There are still some who think he can catch, but he is a work in progress behind the plate at this point. But, the Cubs may feel they are better served with him playing left field rather than learning how to catch, as his bat is either ready, or real close to big league ready.

Go grab him if he is available in your mixed and NL only leagues.