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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball (DFS) Picks for Thursday, May 7: Jose Abreu, Chris Archer, Brian McCann, more

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day.

P- Chris Archer vs. Texas Rangers, $8,900

The Rangers have the 2nd worst wRC+ vs. RHP in baseball at a putrid 64. Their .094 ISO vs. RHP is dead last, so the chances of them generating extra base hits in this matchup is low. Archer has made strong progress in 2015, posting a 2.88 FIP, 19th best in baseball, and increasing his swinging strike% to 12.6%, 7th best in baseball. He is getting tons of strikeouts (28%) and ground balls (56%), too. Archer's strong strikeout rate/missing of bats and strong run prevention, matched up against one of the poorest hitting teams vs RHP, makes him my favorite play for pitchers tomorrow.

P (early)- Drew Pomeranz vs. Twins, $6,400

I'm taking a shot with Pomeranz in the early game. The Twins have the 5th worst ISO (.086) and 10th worst wRC+ (90) against LHP this year, and Pomeranz's results have been victimized by a low strand rate (62%). His strikeout (21.6%) and walk (5.6%) rates are both above average, and the spacious Twins outfield will work to his benefit as a fly ball pitcher (40%).

C- Brian McCann vs. Chris Tillman, $3,200

These are McCann's home/road splits as a Yankee:

Home: 316 PA, 21 HR, 121 wRC+

Away: 312 PA, 4 HR, 64 wRC+

McCann becomes one of the best options at C for his home games and one of the worst options for his road games. We can take advantage of this in DFS and start him at decent prices for his home games against RHP. Tillman might be a guy that FIP underrates, but his FIP is 4.22 vs. RHP dating back to 2013, and he's given up a 40% fly ball percentage during that sample. Fly balls are not such a good thing at Yankee Stadium. McCann will be a home run threat vs Tillman at home.

OF- Josh Reddick vs. Ricky Nolasco, $3,900

Reddick has a 212 wRC+ vs. RHP in 2015, and while that obviously isn't going to sustain all year, Ricky Nolasco is a good pitcher to keep Reddick producing at a high level. Nolasco's FIP is just under 5 vs. LHB since the start of last year with an ERA of 5.56 and an OPS against over .900. Target Field is spacious, leaving more room for hits to fall in. Reddick will have an excellent chance to produce tomorrow in this matchup.

For more on Reddick, read Heath Capps' article on him, located here.

SS- Marcus Semien vs. Ricky Nolasco, $2,900

Semien has usually hit 2nd in the A's order (although he unfortunately hit 8th yesterday, which I can't understand). If he bats 2nd vs. Nolasco, he becomes a strong play at SS for tomorrow. Semien has hit RHP to a 110 wRC+ this year, which is very good for the light hitting shortstop position, and Nolasco will make that play up. Semien is squaring the ball up at a high level in 2015, too: 23% of his at bats are ending in a hard hit ball, which is top 20 in the game. SS is a tough position to find production at, and Semien is one of the better bets at the position to produce for tomorrow.

White Sox RHB vs. Kyle Lobstein

Lobstein is giving up a hard hit ball in 23% of his right handed opponents at bats, which is 11th worst in baseball. His career FIP vs. RHB is 4.02, with his xFIP a hideous 5.16 because of an unsustainable 3.6% HR/FB%. Jose Abreu's price is down to $3,600, 9th among 1B, and that screams value in this matchup. Avisail Garcia has hit LHP to a 118 wRC+ in his career and he's affordably priced at $2,800.

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