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Highlights of Ben Badler's prospect chat for fantasy owners: Joey Gallo, Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Badler of Baseball America held a prospect chat this afternoon on BA's website, and you should go click on this link and read the full transcript here.

Here are some clips of notable fantasy players:

On  Joey Gallo:

Brett (Buena Park): How concerned are you about Joey Gallo's strikouts going forward? All his other numbers are nice but can he keep himself from becoming the next Adam Dunn?
Ben Badler: He’s always going to strike out a lot, but he has such mammoth raw power, takes his walks and he’s made enough progress with contact frequency that the skills should translate against major league pitching. And if he turns into the next Adam Dunn and finishes his career with 462 home runs, that’s not a bad outcome at all.

On Kris Bryant:

Chris (Tucson, AZ): Kris Bryant can flat out hit. I watched him a lot during the fall league, saw him batting well over .300 in the minors, and even in the majors this guy can rake with patience and a great eye. Scouting reports expected a .270'ish avg but is it unrealistic to expect .300 every year?
Ben Badler: Batting average will fluctuate year to year because of the nature of the stat, but even with the strikeouts that come with the territory for him, he has a chance to hit for a high batting average because of how hard he hits the ball and his approach. He’s a smart hitter who goes up to the plate with a plan, uses the whole field and has an awareness beyond his years of how pitchers are going to attack him.

On Carlos Correa:

Carlos Correa (Houston...eventually): Am I a future 20-20 guy? Or who is my best comp?
Ben Badler: Yes. Game power definitely there for 20 home runs, and the baserunning savvy makes the average speed play up, so there’s 20+ SB potential there.

On Hector Oliveria:

Formerly the Smasher (Canada): ...when do you think he'll make it to LA and at what postion? And D: what do you think he'll do number wise?
Ben Badler: ...He was primarily a second baseman in Cuba but he’s played some third base too—I’ve seen him there and he looked solid—and the Dodgers want to primarily use him at third base, with the option to move him around, especially next year once Corey Seager is ready in case they want to slide him over to third base. I think he’s an immediate impact player who can get on base at a strong clip with slightly above-average power. He’s a good one.

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