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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball (DFS) Picks for Thursday, May 14: Hanley Ramirez, Kris Bryant, Wilin Rosario, more

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day, and check the weather to make sure your players won't get rained out of their game.

Theme: Lefty mashers

OF- Hanley Ramirez vs. Roenis Elias, $3,700

In 245 PA vs LHP dating back to the start of 2013, Ramirez has a 186 wRC+ (2nd best in baseball during that time frame), a .300 isolated slugging (3rd best in baseball), and 15 HR. In a small sample of 30 PA this year, he has hit LHP even more effectively, posting a 243 wRC+ with a .500 isolated slugging. Ramirez has added bulk with his move to LF and is third in MLB in exit velocity off the bat, so it's conceivable that his added weight has helped generate some extra force behind his swing. SafeCo isn't the ideal park for run scoring, but Ramirez hits the ball so hard that it won't matter if he gets a hold of one. Here is a HR overlay of Ramirez' 2015 home runs over SafeCo, via Hit Tracker:

Ramirez faces Roenis Elias, who has a career FIP of 4.30 in 141 IP vs RHB from 2014-15.

The one concern with this play is Hanley's shoulder and how it will affect him at the plate going forward. As of this past weekend, Ramirez hinted that his shoulder isn't 100%, but wants to be on the field helping his team win. It's hard to measure how exactly this will affect his production, but his numbers against LHP are just too staggering to ignore tomorrow at this price.

C- Wilin Rosario vs. Brett Anderson, $2,900

Rosario will likely be platooning at 1B tomorrow against LHP Brett Anderson. Rosario's numbers vs LHP are incredible for a catcher eligible player: in 391 career PA vs. LHP, he has a 158 wRC+ with 30 HR. The home run element is partially Coors Field related, but wRC+ is adjusted for run scoring environment. Rosario is catcher eligible, but won't be taxed behind the plate with catching duties. He's the eighth priced catcher for tomorrow's PM games, representing top notch value.

OF- John Mayberry Jr vs. Travis Wood, $2,200

Mayberry is priced at the minimum and represents a good punt play for the early games. Mayberry is a career 128 wRC+ hitter vs LHP. He has had poor results so far with a 50 wRC+ vs LHP in 2015, but he's been squaring the ball up and has hit into bad luck: the percentage of his at bats that end in a hard hit ball vs LHP this year is just under 22%, which is well above average. Mayberry faces Travis Wood, who has a 5.33 ERA, 4.81 FIP and 4.63 xFIP in 150 IP vs RHB dating back to the start of 2014. Mayberry has been hitting at the top of the Mets lineup vs LHP, and if the wind is blowing out at Wrigley, he's a solid bet to provide a lot of value.

3B- Kris Bryant vs. Jon Niese, $4,000

Everything on Bryant at the MLB level is a small sample at this point, but he's been hitting LHP very hard. 31.3% of his at bats vs. LHP are ending in a hard hit ball, which is towards the top of the league. Like Mayberry, he hasn't had the results to show for it yet (64 wRC+), but that is going to change with better luck as he gets more PAs. Bryant destroyed lefties in the minors, posting a 1.324 OPS with 12 HR in 139 PA last year. Bryant is a budding monster vs LHP, and Niese has posted a 4.00 FIP and 3.90 xFIP vs RHB in 167 IP since the start of last year, all below average, and he will likely be without stud defensive CF Juan Lageras, who is currently banged up. Unless the wind is blowing in hard this afternoon, Bryant is an excellent bet to produce vs Niese.

Other early options: Royals vs. Ross Detwiler

Lorenzo Cain ($3,200) represents a strong play vs one of the least effective pitchers on tomorrow's slate. Cain owns a 151 wRC+ vs LHP dating back to the start of 2014. Detwiler has a career FIP/xFIP combo vs RHB of 4.55/4.70, and he owns a brutal 7.91/6.34 combo in 2015.

Non lefty mashers theme: Stack Tigers hitters vs. Mike Pelfrey

Pelfrey's 2.62 ERA comes with a 4.64 FIP, .250 BABIP, 4.98 xFIP and 11% K%, so he's a strong candidate to come back to earth. Leadoff hitter and LHB Anthony Gose is priced affordably at $3,200. Yoenis Cespedes' price has fallen to $2,900, and with JD Martinez likely sitting tomorrow, Cespedes will move up in the lineup.

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