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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Wednesday, April 8

I list some good FanDuel options for Wednesday, April 8.

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day.

UPDATE: Seth Smith is not playing tonight

P- Jacob deGrom vs. Washington Nationals, $9,000

deGrom is facing a weak Nationals lineup without Jayson Werth, Denard Span and Anthony Rendon. His FIP last year against RHB was an incredible 2.36 with a 27% strikeout rate and Washington's lineup is very right handed heavy. The Mets have a good bullpen to protect a lead.

P- Carlos Carraso vs. Houston Astros, $8,700

Carraso is a monster and might have nastier stuff than AL Cy Young winner and teammate Corey Kluber. He struck out 26.5% of the batters he faced last year and Houston has some high strikeout hitters like George Springer (33%) and Chris Carter (32%). I expect him to be in good position to get the W with lots of strikeouts and strong run prevention.

1B- Adam Lind vs. Eddie Butler, $3,300

Lind crushes right handed pitching so he will be a good option all season against RHP. He is now batting third in the order with the loss of Ryan Braun and will have plenty of RBI opportunities from that slot in Miller Park, a good run scoring environment, especially in April.

2B- Ben Zobrist vs. Ross Detwiler, $3,300

Zobrist clobbered LHP last year to a 153 wRC+ and Detwiler has poor platoon splits against righties.

OF- Khris Davis vs. Eddie Butler, $2,700

Davis is essentially the Brewers version of Yoenis Cespedes. They have a very similar offensive profile, and he moved up to 5th in the lineup after Ryan Braun's injury. $2,700 is strong value.

OF- Angel Pagan vs. Jeremy Hellickson, $3,100

Pagan is batting third in a high run scoring environment in Arizona against a significantly below average pitcher. Losing Brandon Belt behind him yesterday with a groin strain hurts a little, but the price for this matchup is excellent.

OF- Seth Smith vs. Matt Shoemaker, $2,900

Shoemaker is a good pitcher, but as long as Smith hits 2nd in the Mariners lineup in front of Cano, Cruz and Seager, he's going to have a lot of value. Smith has hit RHP very well in his career and Shoemaker has mild platoon splits, posting a 3.53 FIP against LHB last year vs. a 2.98 FIP vs. RHB. With his slot in the lineup, Smith is a must play against RHP at this price.