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Bobman makes it to Championship Finals in Yahoo Friends & Family league!

Fake Teams' Fantasy Basketball staff writer Bobby Del Rio faces off against Yahoo's Scott Pianowski in the annual Yahoo experts league...

2 Canadian rookies are making noise this year: Andrew Wiggins (dunking) and Bobman.
2 Canadian rookies are making noise this year: Andrew Wiggins (dunking) and Bobman.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Don't let them tell you dreams are impossible.

About a month after I started writing for Fake Teams, Andy Behrens over at Yahoo invited me to join the prestigious Yahoo Friends and Family Fantasy Basketball league.

While holding either the #1 or #2 spot most of the year, I slipped the last couple weeks of the season. I ended up in 3rd place going into the playoffs.

I ended up doing double duty against Rotoworld in the playoffs - spanking Levitan 8-1 in the first round, then eking out a 5-4 nail-biter against Bruski.

Now I'm repping Fake Teams in the finals against established vet, Yahoo writer Scott Pianowski.

It won't be easy, but I will state that I would've beaten Scott by the slimmest of margins last week (5-4).

It's a weekly league, so once we set our lineups, we just wait to see what happens. No subbing for injuries, births of children or tax evasion charges.

Just 2 Fantasy Basketball writers going after each other for an electronic trophy and bragging rights.

Well, I'm going for Scott's jugular.

I scooped up Arron Afflalo's 4-game week, and John Henson's block prowess. I'm hoping my balanced squad takes home the first championship ever for Fake Teams in the prestigious F & F league. While it's obviously an honor just to make the Finals, let me be clear: I WANT TO WIN THIS CHAMPIONSHIP BADLY.

In the Finals, luck is usually the biggest factor. When you have 2 squads as evenly matched as we are, it usually comes down to games played and health.

But that trophy lasts forever...

So rally behind me, Fake Teamers. I'm taking on one of the giants of Yahoo Sports, and I need your support.

Let's make this epic...