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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Tuesday, April 21

I list some players that I think have a good chance at producing today.

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day.

Yesterday, the theme was Coors Field week. Today, the theme is about the same, except I'm going to add a few players closer to sea level to the mix.

Coors Field

I'm going to repeat myself a lot this week because there are 7 games being played in Denver, but it's important to maximize value from Coors Field games. As I wrote yesterday, the reason for this is:

1. The ball doesn't move in Coors like it does near sea level, which makes it easier for hitters to square the ball up and hit it hard.

2. The high altitude makes fly balls travel further in the air, leading to more home runs.

3. The spacious outfield leads to more batted balls falling in for hits.

4. The dry air makes the ball slick, which makes commanding pitches difficult.

The Padres face another LHP today, Tyler Matzek, so the strategy for today will be similar to yesterday. Matzek's MLB sample size is only about 125 IP, but like Jorge De La Rosa, he's turned in big platoon splits so far (4.23 FIP vs RHB, 2.57 FIP vs LHB). So I am going to load up on Padres RHB against him, and I want to target the same type of players.

I still find a few Padres players underpriced for their potential production, even with FanDuel increasing the costs for them this week. The ones who jump out at me are:

3B- Will Middlebrooks, $3,300

Middlebrooks continues to crush baseballs this year. He came into yesterday 4th in baseball in hard hit% and his strong contact continued that night, tripling against LHP Jorge De La Rosa in the 2th inning. He faces another LHP with platoon splits, and despite the rise in price from yesterday to today ($3,000 to $3,300), I still view Middlebrooks as a bargain.

2B- Jedd Gyorko, $2,900

Gyorko's price went up $200 from yesterday to today, but like Middlebrooks, he's still a bargain. He has a career 119 wRC+ against LHP, and Matzek's platoon split amplifies it.

C- Derek Norris, $3,000

Norris' price also went up $200 from yesterday. He has clobbered LHP in his career, hitting them to a 146 wRC+, and he racked up 3 hits yesterday from the 2 hole against LHP Jorge De La Rosa. He's also still a bargain at this price.

The Rockies face another RHP today, Brandon Morrow, so the strategy for Rockies hitters will also be similar to yesterday. Morrow's stuff is a lot better than Despaigne's, but it's going to play down in this park environment, and I have to wonder how well Morrow will be able to command his pitches with the dry air.

OF- Carlos Gonzalez, $3,800

Gonzalez's price dropped a lot from where it was earlier in the week, and you can take advantage of that. $3,800 for a cleanup hitter with CarGo's talent in Coors Field is very affordable, and CarGo has hit RHP significantly better than LHP during his career.

OF- Charlie Blackmon, $4,200

Blackmon was slotted in the leadoff spot yesterday, which is huge for value in a run scoring environment like this. Last year at home against RHP, Blackmon had a 155 wRC+ and 10 HR in 252 PA.

Closer to sea level

1B- Adam Lind vs. Jason Marquis, $3,300

Lind has hit RHP very well throughout his career, and he will be in great position to crush this one, because most hitters do. In 255 IP since 2012, Marquis has a hideous 5.34 FIP with a 4.72 ERA. Miller Park is an excellent place to hit the ball, and it's possible Lind moves up in the order with the loss of Jonathan Lucroy to a foot injury. I'm a big fan of Lind at this price against Marquis.

OF- Khris Davis vs. Jason Marquis, $2,600

I have been on the Davis wagon all season at these bargain bin prices. I like his offensive profile a lot, and I think it compares to Yoenis Cespedes. He hasn't gotten the power going yet, posting an ISO under .100, but I expect that to turn around. Against a significantly below average pitcher like Marquis, I like the chances of it beginning tomorrow night.

Follow me on Twitter at @TimFinn521, I usually tweet out more good options as lineups are released.