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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Friday, April 17

I list some players that I think have good odds at producing today.

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day.

P-Corey Kluber vs. Minnesota Twins, $10,700

Kluber is a high strikeout pitcher facing one of the weakest offenses in baseball in a very pitcher friendly environment in Minnesota. Minnesota tosses Mike Pelfrey, who is a significantly below average pitcher at this point in his career. Kluber is a massive favorite to get the win in this matchup. I like the odds of 7+ IP, 7+ strikeouts, strong run prevention and a W, which would give Kluber anywhere from 14-20 points. In a stacked pitching lineup tomorrow on FanDuel, Kluber is my favorite choice for the night games.

In the early games, avoid P Jeff Samardzija

The White Sox play tomorrow in the afternoon, and if you're thinking about using Jeff Samardzija, I would look elsewhere. Samardzija is too risky for me right now. His swinging strike% is significantly down from where it was in the last 2 years, so he isn't missing bats like he used to. His ground ball% is also significantly down. It's a small sample, so I wouldn't jump to long term conclusions from it, but it's enough to make me avoid him for now and use a wait and see approach before rostering him in a daily league.

1B- Freddie Freeman vs. Drew Hutchison, $3,500

I love Freeman at this price. As I posted yesterday in this article, Freeman leads baseball in hard hit%, so he's squaring the ball up with the best exit velocity/trajectory combination in baseball to this point. He's facing Drew Hutchison, who had a 4.80 FIP vs. LHB last year. Hutchison is an extreme fly ball pitcher, and this is not a good thing in Rogers Centre, where fly balls travel very well. Freeman also destroys RHP, posting wRC+s of 150 and 164 the last 2 seasons against them. Freeman is my favorite choice for hitters tomorrow.

2B- Jason Kipnis vs. Mike Pelfrey, $3,400

As mentioned above, Pelfrey is not an effective major league pitcher at this stage of his career. Kipnis has a career 119 wRC+ against RHP, and Pelfrey's FIP against LHB since 2013 is about 4 and a half. Kipnis hit third in the last Cleveland lineup, which puts him in excellent position to score fantasy points.

Dodgers hitters vs. Kyle Kendrick

Rostering players against Kyle Kendrick is going to be a good strategy all season, especially in Coors Field. This game is not in Coors, but Kendrick still prevents runs at a significantly below average level near sea level, and Dodgers hitters should be salivating at the opportunity to face him. Leadoff hitter Jimmy Rollins at $3,600 vs. Kendrick is one of the best options at SS tomorrow considering the dearth of production at the position.

If you need a cheap OF option, keep an eye out for Andre Ethier and see if he's in the lineup tomorrow. Ethier hits RHP to an above average to significantly above average level, and he's being priced at $2,600, one of the cheapest players on Fanduel. Against Kyle Kendrick, I like the value if he's in the lineup.

Follow me on Twitter at @TimFinn521, I usually tweet out more good options as lineups are released.