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Prospect Profiles: Who Do You Want to Read About?

Five times in three years is probably enough for now, Addison. Let's find out what other prospects the readers want to hear about.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

This is a strange feeling. I've been writing here at Fake Teams for over five years now (you can find my first, not-so-high quality post here), and about the minor leagues for almost four of those five years. With nearly 900 articles in that time frame and three full sets of top prospect lists, there are a number of prospects that I've written about multiple times as they have progressed through the minor leagues. So while there are always new prospects to write about, that doesn't always mean that there's enough that has changed to warrant a full, updated profile on the ones we've already written up. I mean, I could probably talk about Addison Russell ad nauseam (and I have in the past three years), but that doesn't mean that I should write about him again. Wouldn't want to get the ol' prospect fatigue while he's still sitting there waiting for the Athletics Cubs to call him up this year. Sigh. At least the A's still have another good shortstop prospect in Daniel Robertson Franklin Barreto, that's the one.

With that in mind, I'm opening it up to you, the readers. Let me know in the comments if there is a specific prospect you're interested in reading a full profile about. If one of our writers has written them up in the past year, I'll link to that post and, depending on the player, write an updated one in the coming weeks. If we haven't written them up recently, then we'll add them to the list to write up this season as well. While I follow the minor leagues very intently, I've also learned at this point that there are a lot of interesting prospects that I either haven't followed that much, or haven't looked that in-depth at as of yet.

Well, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to find out whether that prospect you heard about is as useful for your fantasy team as it will be for your favorite team.